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How to Get All Diablo 4 Season 2 Unique Items (Patch 1.1.0)

If you're looking to add the new unique items to your collection as of Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.0, here's how.

Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.0 has introduced six new unique items to the game. Five of them are class-specific, with the general-use item being a new Uber Unique item. All are available in the Eternal Realm and can be found as soon as the game updates. They’ll be available in the Seasonal Realm once it launches, as well. Here’s how to get all Diablo 4 Season 1 unique items.

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How to Get All Unique Items in Diablo 4 Season 1 (Patch 1.1.0)

How to Get the New Uber Unique Item

Ahavarion Spear of Lycander

  • Gain a random Shrine effect for 10-20 seconds after killing an Elite enemy. Can only occur once every 30 seconds.
  • Can be equipped by every class that can use a spear.

This is the only one of the six new items for Diablo 4 Season 1 that’s Ultra Rare, joining the ranks of the Uber Unique Harlequin Crest and the Melted Heart of Selig. That means you’ll need to be at least Level 85, playing in World 4, and farming Nightmare Dungeons, where you have the highest chance of unique items dropping.

How to Get the Other Unique Items in Diablo 4 Season 1

Each of the following five items from Season 1 are regular uniques, meaning they can drop wherever you normally farm unique items. Nightmare Dungeons have proven to be the most efficient way of farming for unique items, especially in World Tier 4. You can also get them from Helltide Chests and by defeating World Bosses.


  • Lucky Hit: Your Core Skills have up to a 20% chance to Freeze enemies for 3 seconds and deal 0.75-1.5 Cold damage to them.
  • Unique Sword
  • Barbarian use only


  • Debilitating Roar and Blood Howl deal 0.5-1.0 damage to Nearby Poisoned enemies.
  • Unique One-Handed Mace
  • Druid use only

Lidless Wall

  • Lucky Hit – While you have an active Bone Storm, hitting an enemy outside of a Bone Storm has up to a 5-25% chance to spawn an additional Bone Storm at their location. Each of your active Sacrifice bonuses increases the chance by 25% and the total number of additional Bone Storms you can have by +1.
  • Unique Shield
  • Necromancer use only


  • Penetrating Shot has a 30-80% chance to fire an arrow that bounces off walls and scenery. Hitting enemies from behind with Penetrating Shot will make them Vulnerable for 3 seconds.
  • Unique Bow
  • Rogue use only

The Oculus

  • Gain the effect of the Teleport Enchantment for free. When you Evade using Teleport Enchantment, you are taken to a random location.
  • Unique Wand
  • Sorcerer use only

Note that Azurewrath and Fleshrender both work off flat damage effects, which increase with Item Power.

That’s how to get all the new unique items for Diablo 4 Season 1. If you’re still looking for how to obtain the original six Uber Unique items, check out our full guide. We also have a jam-packed guides vault with stronghold walkthroughs, cellar locations, how to defeat World Bosses, and more.

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