Diablo 4: How to Get Temerity

Follow our guide if you want to know how to get Temerity in Diablo 4.

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There are four unique pants in Diablo 4, with the most sought after being the Temerity pants. Temerity provides a unique barrier effect as well as potion and healing bonuses a lot of builds would be happy to have. Our guide will show you how to get Diablo 4 Temerity pants and go over its affixes.

Where to Find Temerity in Diablo 4

Just like any other unique item in Diablo 4, Temerity can be found only as a random drop from defeated enemies, chests, and broken objects. I recommend searching for Temerity specifically in World Tier IV, as that’s where it drops most frequently, although entirely randomly.

Follow these steps if you want to know how to get Temerity in World Tier IV:

  1. Reach at least Level 60.
  2. Complete the Fallen Temple Capstone dungeon in World Tier III to unlock World Tier IV.
  3. Reach at least Level 70 in World Tier IV.

Level 70 and above in World Tier IV is crucial, as that’s when unique items start dropping from enemies that are 40% stronger but also give 200% more XP and 15% more gold. If you try to locate Temerity before this threshold, you’ll probably never get one.

Temerity Stats and Bonuses

Temerity has one unique effect that you won’t find in any other gear and five bonuses. Here they are:

  • Effect: Effects that heal you beyond 100% HP grant you a Barrier up to 40%-80% of your Maximum Life that lasts for 8 seconds.
  • Bonuses:
    • Potion briefly grants Movement Speed
    • Potion Charge Bonus
    • Potion Drop Rate Bonus
    • Lucky Hit: Chance to Heal Bonus
    • Healing Bonus

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Temerity in Diablo 4. Stay tuned for more Diablo 4 tips and tricks articles right here.

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