Diablo 4: How to Use Campfires

Wondering what campfires do at Legion Events in Diablo 4? We've got the answer.

When you arrive at a Legion Event in Diablo 4, you may have noticed a cozy campfire burning near the central starting point. As you get near, you’ll find you’re able to interact with it, but it’s unclear what it actually does. Our guide tells you how to use campfires to your advantage in Diablo 4.

Legion Event Campfires Explained

Legion events are announced on the map, marking the location of a campfire. Interacting with these increases the XP earned from slaying mobs and enemies during Legion Events. The buff is seemingly random (but spoiler alert: it’s not) and can give you an increase anywhere from 1% to 15%.

How to Use Legion Campfires in Diablo 4

Once a Legion event is announced, you have a two-minute window to reach the campfire. When you do, you’ll find the Overlord and his three Servant of Hell cronies in shadow form. Right next to them, you’ll see a campfire, with the action: “Stoke the Fire.” Interact with the campfire to use it.

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How to Increase Campfire Buffs and Percentages

The key to getting the 15% buff is staying by the campfire. Once you interact with the campfire, stay within its range. The longer you stay, the higher the XP boost. When the event starts, the campfire disappears, and whatever percent buff you have is what will stick with you through the event. The earlier you arrive when a Legion Event is announced, the higher the buff.

That’s how to use the campfire at Legion Events in Diablo 4. If you need more help with Legion Events, Strongholds, or how to build your chosen class, head over to our D4 guide hub for more.

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