Diablo 4: Local World Events Guide

Earn Murmurning Obols by completing world events.

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World Events in Diablo 4 are scattered throughout the land of Sanctuary. Notated with a golden circle on the mini-map, completing these events gives a variety of rewards, including Murmuring Obols. As the main source of Obols, you’ll want to complete these events as you stumble upon them. Here are all the world events currently in D4 and their Mastery requirements.

Local World Events in Diablo 4

There are a number of different world events. They are often found while roaming the regions of Sanctuary, but can also occur in dungeons. If you’re close to an event, but can’t quite see it on the mini-map, an orange triangle will show onscreen in its direction. Events typically center around combat, with an additional objective being needed to get Mastery, and will typically end with you facing off against an Elite enemy.

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As long as you complete the event, you’ll get a chest of loot along with Murmuring Obols. For the most efficient use of your time, you want to complete the Mastery objective, which nabs you 35 Obols in your chest, the max you can earn. If you don’t get Mastery, you’ll still get Obols, but there’ll only be 15 in the chest.

Diablo 4 All Local World Events

  • Ancients’ Obelisk: Stand on each pressure plate to satiate the obelisks while being attacked by mobs.
    • Mastery: Satiate all 4 obelisks before time runs out (2 minutes)
  • Ancient Syphon: Survive the assault
    • Mastery: Satiate 3 obelisks by killing enemies near them in time (1 minute, 15 seconds)
  • Caravan Under Siege: Protect the survivors and fend off the mobs
    • Mastery: Keep all survivors alive (1 minute, 15 seconds)
  • Cull the Wicked: Clear a designated zone of all enemies
    • Mastery: Defeat the Elite enemy within 1 minute
  • Cursed Hatchery: Protect the villagers
    • Mastery: Keep all survivors alive (1 minute)
  • Defiled Ground: Survive the assault
    • Mastery: Destroy the enemy construct
  • Hold your Ground: Protect the NPC
    • Mastery: Have the NPC survive for 5 waves
  • Insatiable Hunger: Slay enemies before they are sacrificed
    • Mastery: Have less than 3 enemies sacrificed (1 minute, 30 seconds)
  • Jar of Souls: Survive the assault
    • Mastery: Collect 30 enemy souls before time runs out (1 minute)
  • Liberation: Free all the prisoners
    • Mastery: Defeat the Elite enemy within 1 minute
  • Raze the Effigies: Eliminate the 3 enemy constructs
    • Mastery: Defeat the Elite enemy within 1 minute
  • Rites of Ascension: Stop the ritual and defeat the Unascended
    • Mastery: Complete the event before time runs out (1 minute, 40 seconds)
  • Waves of Darkness: Survive the assault
    • Mastery: Clear 5 waves of mobs before time runs out (1 minute)
  • Wayward Soul: Escort the Wayward Soul by staying near it (in the orange circle)
    • Mastery: Escort the soul to its loved one before time runs out (1 minute, 30 seconds)
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How to Reset Local World Events in Diablo 4

There is no tried and true, works 100% of the time method for resetting events in D4. The best method that seems to work most of the time is to simply leave the area the event was in, portal to a town and then take the portal back to where you started. Return to where the event was and it may have reset.

I’ve also had experience with the event resetting by just standing there while doing something else and then noticing the event respawned. There may be a definite time that events take to reset themselves that we aren’t aware of yet. While I haven’t tested this method, I’ll be sure to update this if it indeed works

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Those are all the currently known local world events in Diablo 4. Some of the events take longer than others or be more difficult to obtain Mastery with. Test out which you’re best suited to and be on the lookout for those setups as you explore Sanctuary. If you’re looking for quest help, how to build your character, or the best way to clear a Stronghold, take a look at our growing list of Diablo 4 guides.

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