Diablo 4 Murmuring Obols Guide: How to Get and Use Blue Currency

Wondering what's up with Diablo 4 Murmuring Obols? Here's how to get the blue currency and use it.

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Diablo 4 Murmuring Obols are a type of currency represented as blue coins. Though they have their own counter in your inventory, you may be wondering how to use them and what they’re for. They can’t be spent in regular shops, after all. Our guide tells you how to get them and what to do with them.

How to Get Murmuring Obols

There are a few ways to get Murmuring Obols in D4.

  • Complete world events: Participating in the various world events that pop up as you explore is the easiest way to obtain blue currency. You can find these events on the mini-map circled in gold. If you finish the event with mastery, you’ll get the maximum blue currency the event gives.
  • Murmuring Caches: Sometimes, you’ll receive a Murmuring Cache as a reward for turning in a side quest. Opening the cache grants you 50 Obols. Some side quests that give a Murmuring Cache as reward are:
    • The Cleansing Flame
    • Exhuming Faith
  • Open Sealed Caches: Opening a sealed cache or offering nets you 20 Obols. While unsealing these is considered a side quest, the cache itself grants them — not completing the quest.

You can only have 500 Murmuring Obols at a time, so you be sure to stop at the Purveyor of Curiosities whenever you’re in a bigger city to spend them. The limit is increased by claiming Altars of Lilith, with a 5 Obol increase every time it’s applied. The limit can be increased up to 1,000.

How to Farm Murmuring Obols: Resetting World Events

While you can’t technically farm Murmuring Obols themselves, there’s a way to reset the local world events you get them from. To start off, find an event close to a town, making it safer than other events. I prefer events around Kyovashad or Margrave. There are typically a lot of players in the area with a high chance of helping in events.

Once you find an event around your chosen town, complete it like normal. Achieve Mastery to get the max of 35 Obols. When complete, teleport to another town, like Yelesna or Ked Bardu. Wander around for a time, stock up on healing potions, or sell gear if you need to. Then head back to the local event through your portal. This should reset the event so you can participate again.

You can also go back into town to use the waypoint when you complete an event. This removes you from the area the event was in, which can help reset it. Teleport to another location, wait a few minutes, then teleport back to your original town. Head to where the event was, and it should have reset.

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Where to Use Murmuring Obols

There are a couple of different uses for blue currency, all of them centering around the Purveyor of Curiosities. The Purveyor of Curiosities can be found in different cities and is noted on the map with a moneybag icon. The first one you’ll encounter is in the southeast portion of Kyovashad.

Purveyor of Curiosities: Precise Locations

  • Kyovashad
  • Ked Bardu
  • Yelesna
  • Cerrigar
  • Jirandai
  • Gea Kul
  • Zarbinzet
  • Backwater
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The Purveyor only offers two types of products: random weapons and gear or Whispering Keys. Each weapon or gear item is listed individually and is a surprise, relegated by RNG. You don’t know what you’ll get until you buy it, and it ends up in your inventory. You can end up with dung, or you could end up with rare, even legendary, items. Here’s a list of the item categories and how much each costs.

  • Axe: 50
  • Sword: 50
  • Mace: 50
  • Scythe: 50
  • Wand: 50
  • Staff: 75
  • Two-Handed Axe: 75
  • Two-Handed Sword: 75
  • Two-Handed Hammer: 75
  • Two-Handed Scythe: 75
  • Bow: 75
  • Crossbow: 75
  • Polearm: 75
  • Shield: 40
  • Totem: 40
  • Focus: 40
  • Cap: 40
  • Tunic: 40
  • Gloves: 40
  • Boots: 40
  • Pants: 40
  • Amulet: 40
  • Ring: 40
  • Whispering Key: 20

Whispering Keys, on the other hand, are used to open Silent Chests. When purchased, they go to your Consumables tab, just in case you’re like me and thought you didn’t click hard enough, only to find out you purchased four keys instead of one.

That’s how to get and use Murmuring Obols in Diablo 4. For more tips and walkthroughs, head over to our D4 guides hub.

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