Diablo 4: How to Open All Sealed Caches

There are multiple types of Sealed Caches in Diablo 4, each with their own requirements to open.

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Diablo 4 Sealed Caches are worth opening for the rewards they contain, but doing so isn’t immediately clear. Many will require you to work for their rewards, asking you to find specific items from specific enemies and creatures. Our guide will tell you how to open all Sealed Chests.

How to Unlock Sealed Caches in Diablo 4

There are different types of Diablo 4 Sealed Caches throughout Sanctuary. Likewise, there are different types of Offerings that can be acquired throughout your adventures. No matter which cache you get, though, you’ll need to absorb a certain number of specific souls to unseal it. Once you open the sealed cache, you’ll be able to collect the goodies within.

Each item will have its own side quest to go with it. Those side quests will show you where to farm the Sealed Cache items that you need. Further, it will also have a progress bar to show you how close you are to getting the contents. Once you complete the requirements, the quest will award you with coin and XP, and you’ll find your unsealed cache in your inventory, where you can open it.

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List of Sealed Cache Requirements

  • Sealed Exorcist’s Cache: Gather spirit anima from the undead
  • Ravenous Predator’s Offering: Harvest spirit energy from wildlife
  • Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache: Harvest demon fury from Vile Ones
  • Sealed Penitent’s Cache: Harvest spirit energy from the undead
  • Hungering Bone Cache: Harvest death anima from Werewolves
  • Hungering Necrolyte’s Cache: Harvest death anima from the Nangari
  • Ravenous Necrolyte’s Cache: Harvest death anima from cultists and demons
  • Sealed Khazra Offering: Harvest death anima from the Khazra

That’s how to open the Sealed Caches and offerings in Diablo 4. For more guides to help you through Sanctuary, check out our D4 guides library — corruption free.

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