Diablo 4 Midwinter Blight Event Guide: All Events and Rewards

The holiday themed Midwinter Blight event in Diablo 4 is at hand. Here are all of the events and rewards.

Three Frigid Husks with bone armor stand in the snow.
Image via Blizzard
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Midwinter Blight is here, and the limited-time holiday event brings with it plenty of events and rewards. From Heirlooms and Trophies to gold and caches, returning to Sanctuary is worth it, and you’ll want to know everything that’s in store. Learn more about the Diablo 4 event in our guide.

When Does Midwinter Blight Start and End in Diablo 4?

The Diablo 4 Midwinter Blight event begins on December 12 and lasts until January 2, 2024. Taking place in the holiday-bedecked Fractured Peaks, you’ll be locked into the area by a storm so severe that it blocks out the sun.

The quest story starts in Kyovashad’s Hibernal Square with Gileon, a bard who warns you of the coming storm. It’s not just a severe weather occurrence, though — it brings with it a host of terrors waiting to strike. The region becomes home to a host of frosty enemies and unique local events.

All Midwinter Blight Enemies: The Red Cloaked Horror and Blightfiends Explained

The most notable event enemies is the boss, the Red Cloaked Horror. To face him, though, you’ll need to draw his ire by destroying Frigid Husks, totems made of human parts erected in his honor by the lesser Blightfiends. They’re guarded by mobs that can be a mixture of event creatures and regular area creatures.

In addition to the big bad of the storm, there are different lesser Blightfiends you’ll encounter as you travel across the region. The weakest of them is the Blightfiend Scamp. Above them are the Blightfiend Chillweaver and the Blightfiend Bruiser. The Chillweaver flies while the Bruiser can hit hard and take hits. Killing any of them has a chance to drop Blighted Fragments, so you want to engage the mobs often if you want all the rewards.

Blighfiend Scamp, Blightfiend Chillweaver, and Blightfiend Bruiser in combat
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All Midwinter Blight Local Events

Some Local Events have been transformed by the Midwinter Blight storm. Now, you’ll face Blightfiends while completing the requirements. So far, I’ve gotten two different events, though there are sure to be a couple more in the mix.

  • Frozen Alive: Save villagers from the Frigid Husks and keep them alive.
  • Blighted Revelry: Burn the wagon to thaw Frigid Husks and destroy them while battling mobs.
  • Waves of Darkness: Survive against waves of Blightfiends.

Participating in events is the fastest way to gather large amounts of Lost Heirlooms and Blighted Fragments. The mobs are mostly made up of Blighfiends, and the events seem to center around multiple Frigid Husks. You don’t have to travel all over to find multiple totems, and they still drop Heirlooms.

All Midwinter Blight Rewards: How to Get Midwinter Proof

Return to the Hibernal Square in Kyovashad, now the designated Midwinter Blight event hub, with Blighted Fragments collected from the Blightfiends, a Red-Cloaked Trophy taken from the Red Cloaked Horror, or Lost Heirlooms saved from Frigid Husks. At the bench near Gileon, you’ll exchange these for Midwinter Proofs, which earn you the unique rewards for the event. To get a single Midwinter Proof you need one of the following:

  • Blighted Fragments x300
  • Lost Heirlooms x60
  • Red-Cloaked Trophy x1
Midwinter Blight Tribute menu tier three reward
Screenshot by GameSkinny

When you turn in trinkets from the event at the Proof Exchange, you’ll earn points toward the Midwinter Tribute. There are three tiers total, with two prizes rewarded when you finish them.

  • Tier 1
    • Gold x10,000
    • Greater Midwinter Spoils Cache
  • Tier 2
    • Gold x25,000
    • Greater Midwinter Spoils Cache
  • Tier 3
    • Gold x50,000
    • Greater Midwinter Spoils Cache
    • Midwinter Ward

Everything in Gileon’s Reward Inventory

Once you have some Midwinter Proofs in tow, speak with Gileon for event rewards:

  • Periapt of the Long Night Moon: Midwinter Proofs x50
  • Zemi of the Long Night Moon: Midwinter Proofs x50
  • Veil of the Long Night Moon: Midwinter Proofs x50
  • Masque of the Long Night Moon: Midwinter Proofs x50
  • Domino of the Long Night Moon: Midwinter Proofs x50
  • Midwinter Blight Mount Trophy: Midwinter Proofs x30
  • Midwinter Tomahawk: Midwinter Proofs x20
  • Midwinter Dirk: Midwinter Proofs x20
  • Capric Fetish: Midwinter Proofs x20
  • Midwinter Beacon: Midwinter Proofs x20
  • Aegis of Thorri: Midwinter Proofs x20
  • Midwinter Talwaar: Midwinter Proofs x20
  • Midwinter Catapult: Midwinter Proofs x20
  • Midwinter Staff: Midwinter Proofs x20
  • Shard of the Dawn Offensive Aspect: Midwinter Proofs x5
  • Midwinter Spoils Cache: Midwinter Proofs x4
  • Gileon’s Brew: Midwinter Proofs x1
  • Midwinter Purse: Midwinter Proofs x1

That’s all we know about the Midwinter Blight Event for Diablo 4. With this being the first holiday event for D4, there are likely to be other limited-time events correlating to real-world celebrations. If you’re playing beyond the winter storm, peruse our guides hub for more tips and tricks.

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