Diablo 4: Reject the Mother Quest Guide

This' another emote based quest like the Secret of the Spring.

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In order to obtain the Reject the Mother quest in Diablo 4, you’ll need to defeat the Act 3 boss battle against Genbar, The Shrine-Keeper. Once complete, you’ll see the Reject the Mother quest icon pop up on the map. In this guide we’ll go over how to complete Reject the Mother in Diablo 4.

How to Complete Reject the Mother in Diablo 4

You can pick up the quest south of where you’re currently located at the Carver’s House area.

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I had to clear out some mobs when I got to the quest marker, but afterward found an open book that I needed to read in order to start Reject the Mother. The text reads:

“Shout your rejection, ‘no Mother of mine’ at her towering statue in rift’s hidden shrine.”

Looking at the quest description in the journal, you’ll see that you need to Reject Lilith at her hidden shrine. The map indicates that you need to go back to where you may have just come from, the Shrine to Lilith that the Genbar made. It’s hidden, has a giant statue of Lilith and makes sense given you needed to kill Genbar to have this quest spawn.

Once you’re back where you just slaughtered some demons, you want to emote in front of the statue. In this case, tell Lilith to skedaddle with the No emote.

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Once you’ve rejected her with a firm No, a Heretic’s Cache chest will pop up on the right side of the shrine. That completes the Reject Your Mother quest in D4, which rewards you with gold, XP and Dry Steppes Renown. For more on the various emote quests, which emote to use at Faded Plaque Statues, or what the best class builds are, check out our Diablo 4 guides cache.

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