Diablo 4: Tur Dulra Stronghold Walkthrough Guide

Clear the Tur Dulra Stronghold easily with these tips.

Tur Dulra Stronghold is a former Druid College in Scosglen in Diablo 4. Devastated and corrupted when Astaroth attacked, it’s now home to the angry spirits of those that fell in battle, along with.. something else. Whether you need to clear Tur Dulra as part of the Druid class quest Spirits of the Lost Grove, or just want another place to fast travel to, this guide will have all you need to make it an easy mission.

Diablo 4 Tur Dulra Stronghold Guide

Tur Dulra is located in Scosglen northwest of Kyovashad or to the northeast of Ked Bardu. As with other Strongholds, it’ll be two levels higher than you are, so before embarking you’ll want to stock up on any Elixirs or upgrade any equipment. The area you’ll be in right before the Stronghold is The Ancients’ Woods, an environment strewn with Druidic offerings and stone carvings.

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Once you reach Tur Dulra, you’ll have to reach the middle of the Druid College. Getting to the spirits at the center of the stronghold is a task easier said than done, however. Nature has started to reclaim the pathways, blocking off direct access. On the image below I’ve highlighted in red the blocks, and the best path to follow with blue arrows.

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Spirits of Tur Dulra

When you reach the center area, you’ll trigger a small flashback, where you see three spirits clash with a demonic entity, namely Astaroth. The spirits disappear and you’re now tasked with finding them. The next map shows their locations, with each spirit numbered. This is the route I took and by no means is the most efficient.

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When you reach a spirit’s location, you’ll find they are being tormented by a variety of demons. Kill the demons then speak to the spirit. You’ll find they’ve been corrupted by the years of torture, attacking you after they’ve been freed. Each spirit becomes an Elite enemy you’ll have to defeat before you can move on to the next part of the Stronghold quest.

  1. Brighde, Tormented Wind Druid
  2. Odhran, Tormented Earth Druid
  3. Eanan, Tormented Poison Druid

Near the location of Odhran, you’ll encounter another group of spirits being destroyed by Astaroth. These are the various guards and Druids of Tur Dulra, who’ll turn and attack you once the flashback is complete.

Druid Spirits vanquished, head to the Heal Basin to top off your health potions then climb up the wall. I was instantly attacked by minor demons when I stopped climbing, so be prepared for that. This also brings you back to the center of the Stronghold where you’ll be attacked by the voice that’s been taunting you. Once the minor demons are purged, take a Fire Resistance Elixir and if you have jewelry gem slots open, set any Rubies or Diamonds in.

Tur Dulra Stronghold Boss Fight

The voice finally reveals itself as Baelgemoth, Infernal Tormentor. This boss will spit fire out in a cone that you can either dodge away from or move a distance behind him to avoid. Don’t stand right on top of him, even if it looks like you’re behind him, as you can still take damage from the fire. Trust me, taking the full brunt of the cone can quickly deplete any health you have.

Along with his fire cone, Baelgemoth can disappear for brief moments. As you’re fighting you can also see spirits laying on the ground around the Great Oak. When his health depletes he’ll run off to either side, whichever he is closest to, and summon the spirits as skeletons to attack you. He has three sections of spirits, meaning three extra sets of skeletons to attack you.

The main key to this fight is avoiding his fire cone. While his other attacks can hurt, the cone is what does the most damage. If you have any skills that can hold him still, make him vulnerable or deal DoT damage, you’ll definitely have the upper hand in the fight. When he’s slain you’ll get a chest with a variety of rewards, including gold and a possible legendary item. You’ll also get XP for the fight.

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With the demons clear, for the most part, from Tur Dulra, you can head to the Wayshrine to fully claim the Stronghold as complete. This returns the area to a small town, complete with NPCs and a waypoint. You may find some pockets of demons lingering as you gain access to previously blocked off areas. Once killed, these demons never return.

Tur Dulra Reclamation Rewards

You didn’t clear this Stronghold just for bragging rights did you? No! You wanted to be rewarded for your efforts and rewarded you shall be.

  • Renown
  • NPCs return to Tur Dulra
    • Alchemist
    • Healer
    • Rings & Amulets
  • Waypoint
  • Three new side quests:
    • The Diviner
    • Left in Ashes (must complete The Diviner quest first)
    • Tending Nature
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Tur Dulra Dungeons

Like other Strongholds, Tur Dulra has two dungeons that become available once it’s cleared.

  • Wretched Delve: Located in the northeaster portion of Tur Dulra
    • Rewards the Sorcerer Legendary Aspect — Aspect of Static Cling: Your casts of Charged Bolts have a 15.0% chance to be attracted to enemies and last 300% longer.
  • Underroot: Located in the southwestern part of the Stronghold, its right at the top of the climb point where you can obtain Spirit Boons if you’re a Druid
    • Rewards the Aspect of the Expectant: Attacking Enemies with a Basic Skill increases the damage of your next Core Skill cast by 5%, up to 30%.

That’s how to clear the Tur Dulra Stronghold in Diablo 4. If you’re doing the Spirits of the Lost Grove quest, you’ll want to find Druid Ardreth to continue that questline. We also have a full guide for it if you’re having trouble. If you’re off on another adventure in Sanctuary, take a look at the rest of our guides before you choose your destination. Maybe another Stronghold or completing an Act can be next on your list, and we can help!

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