Diablo 4: Vhenard Boss Fight Guide

Follow this guide to beat Vhenard with ease.

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Vhenard, Neyrelle’s mom, is an Act 1 boss you encounter near the Black Lake in Diablo 4. She’s a difficult battle, one of the most difficult in the early parts of the game. Urged on by Neyrelle to find her, you end up having to face off against her. Here’s how to defeat Diablo 4 Vhenard.

How to Beat Vhenard in Diablo 4

  • After following Lilith through the mine, encountering blood petals and Vhenard’s chalk records with Neyrelle in tow, you’ll end up encountering Vhenard in front of the Black Lake.
  • The Vhenard boss fight has three stages, with each stage comprised of Succubi like Hellspawn that protect Vhenard, along with other demons that are summoned.

Sitting among numerous runes and muttering about blood Vhenard has been completely corrupted by Lilith. Vhenard’s twisted view causes her to attack her daughter in a fit of jealousy. You can’t attack Vhenard directly, as she is protected by an immunity shield that never breaks during the combat. You have to focus the demons she summons to injure her.

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This fight is made much easier with the help of a friend in co-op, or if you have minions, companion animals or ranged attacks. Melee fighters will struggle with this fight if you don’t focus on the Hellspawn and pay attention to your health. Much of the fight will involve running around the area to reposition yourself, as well, to hit the Hellspawn and avoid their tether.

Diablo 4 Vhenard Stage 1

The first stage of the fight is relatively tame. You’ll have two tethered Hellspawn feeding into Vhenard that you’ll need to defeat, along with a few minor demons that are summoned. Focus down the Hellspawn quickly without touching their tethers, as that makes you vulnerable.

Avoid the stepped edges of the field as well, as that’ll cause an attack to trigger across the whole length. Vhenard will also send out her own projectile attacks that turn you vulnerable that you need to dodge. She may not attack at all during the first stage depending on how fast you take out the two Hellspawn.

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Diablo 4 Vhenard Stage 2

When you defeat the two Hellspawn it’ll injure Vhenard, causing her to drop potions and reset the fight. This time three Hellspawn will be summoned, along with more demons. Following the same strategy as the first stage, focus on the Hellspawn as quickly as possible. If you have any AoE attacks, this is the time to use them to clear any swarming demons.

Diablo 4 Vhenard Stage 3

This is easily the most frustrating part of the whole Vhenard boss fight. Five Hellspawn will be summoned, along with swarming minor demons and a Pit Lord. Standing near the entrance of this area while she summons them will give you ideal positioning to immediately take out the Pit Lord.

Once the Pit Lord is dealt with you can handle the Hellspawn and minor demons. If you take too long, however, you’ll see the runic circles light red again as Vhenard summons another Pit Lord. Focus is the key to getting out of this stage alive.

With all the demons running around, Vhendard’s projectiles and the step area attacks, it’s almost impossible to avoid everything. Pay attention to your health as you can turn vulnerable and get chunked down rapidly during part of the fight. Use as many ranged, AoE attacks as you can to control any swarming demons while focusing on the Hellspawn.

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I struggled initially with this fight as a shifting Druid. The main takeaway I found was to avoid the Hellspawns tethers and keep pace with them as they circle around Vhenard after taking out the Pit Lord. Utilizing companion animals as a Druid made the fight much easier. Have your vines immobilize the Hellspawn then sic your wolves on them with a swarm of ravens adding in the extra damage.

As a Barbarian, this fight was less difficult when using Call of the Ancients as my Ultimate Skill, having leveled enough to be able to choose it. Even though they only fight for a brief moment, the extra hands taking out the minor demons allowed me to focus on the Hellspawn themselves. Leap was another asset, as I used it to get to my next target and avoid potential incoming damage aimed at where I launched from.

That’s how to defeat Neyrelle’s mom, Vhenard, in Diablo 4. While a difficult boss, she can be beaten with patience, dodging and focusing the Hellspawn protecting her. For more boss fight tips, Stronghold walkthroughs, or where to find upgrade materials, check out our D4 guides library.

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