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Diablo 4 Votive Passing Quest Walkthrough Guide: Hunter Locations and Rewards

Wondering where to find the hunters and complete the Votive Passing side quest in Diablo 4? Our walkthrough can help.

The Votive Passing quest in Diablo 4 involves working for the chief of Braestaig to mark the resting places of fallen hunters. Finding their bodies, however, can be a difficult task, especially when up against Hellspawn and other mobs. Our walkthrough guide will show you where to find the hunters to complete the Votive Passing quest in Diablo 4.

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How to Complete the Diablo 4 Votive Passing Quest

How to Start Votive Passing

To start the Diablo 4 Votive Passing quest, you’ll need to have first completed the Parting Embers main quest in Act 2. Some of the required NPCs for the quest have had their locations changed during Parting Embers. When you return to Braestaig after Parting Embers, speak to Chieftain Asgail to get Votive Passing.

Diablo 4 Votive Passing Hunter Locations

The area you’ll need to search for this quest is north of Braestaig, in the Ancestor Heights area of the Wailing Hills. There are three hunter locations you’ll need to honor, each marked on the image below. I found that searching for the Ward of Passing, which has a glowing outline, was easier than searching for the hunter’s body.

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You’ll fight the enemies below throughout the area as you look, so be prepared before you leave Braestaig. In addition to these enemies, you’ll also encounter Spiny Beasts, Grizzly Bear, and Corpsewinders that appear when you build the Ward of Passing.

  • Vengeful Spirit
  • Banshee
  • Wildwood
  • Stinging Swarm
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Once you’ve honored all three hunters and defeated the creatures, you’ll hear a soft voice on the wind. There appears to be a survivor, and you’ll need to find them.

Where to Find the Survivor

The survivor is located at the top of the map, to the west of the Statue of Lilith. The area has a tent in shambles and crates, as well as a large streak of blood. The man will choke out a few last sentences and give you a handmade trinket before passing away. Give the Handmade Torc to Maisie, the little girl you encountered with Yorin.

Where to Find Maisie

Maisie can be found in Braestaig with her father. When you return the Handmade Torc, she gets quite upset since the Torc was made for protection. You’re given a few options on how to console the girl, but either option ends the quest without further impact. There’s no difference in outcome based on the choice.

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Diablo 4 Votive Passing Quest Rewards

Once complete, Maisie will give you a Leather Cache as a reward. You’ll also obtain:

  • 20 Renown
  • Variable XP (mine was 6,542)
  • Variable Gold (mine was 1,680)

That’s how to complete the Votive Passing side quest in Diablo 4. For more side quest walkthroughs, as well as currency guides, class builds, and much more, check out our library of Diablo 4 guides.

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