Diablo 4: What are Legion Events? — Answered

IF you're wondering what Legion Events are in Diablo 4, we've got the details.

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While wandering through Sanctuary in Diablo 4 have you seen an icon for Legion Events and wondered what a Legion Event actually is. You’re not alone. Here’s what Diablo 4 Legion Events are all about.

What are Legion Events in Diablo 4? Answered

Legion Events, also known as The Gathering Legions, are a special world event that pits you, along with others that join, against hordes of demons. These are meant to be done with a group of players and can’t be completed solo.

Longer than the local world events, Legion Events focus on defeating multiple waves of enemies. The goal is to destroy three Servants of Hell before the Overlord appears. If you do, you’ll get the Mastery tier rewards which include rare gear, gold and Murmuring Obols. As a recurring world event on all world tiers, it’s an easy way to farm valuable items and currency.

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Each Region can spawn a Legion Event, though you may not see all of them if you haven’t cleared the Stronghold the event is taking place at. Though the premise of each Gathering Legion is the same, the minor minions that appear can be different depending on the area. Some Legion events can have Goatmen while others could have Skeletons or Vile Ones.

Those are the basics of Diablo 4 Legion Events. If you’re looking for a full walkthrough of the Elites and battling the Overlord in The Gathering Legions, check out our D4 guide hub featuring a collection of Stronghold walkthroughs, the best class builds, and more.

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