Diablo 4: Where to Find the Sirocco Caverns Dungeon

Here's where to find the Sirocco Caverns Dungeon in Diablo 4.

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The Diablo 4 Sirocco Caverns dungeon holds the Barbarian Aspect of Echoing Fury for your Codex of Power. Hidden off the beaten path, it can be difficult to locate. If you’re hunting for this aspect or want to clear the Sirocco Caverns for XP, our Diablo 4 guide tells you where to find it.

Where to Find the Sirocco Caverns Dungeon in Diablo 4

Sirocco Caverns are in the Kehjistan region of D4. You’ll find it just southeast of Jirandi, but before you hit the entrance to the Searing Basin.

Sirocco Caverns Dungeon Location

You’ll find the Sirocco Caverns dungeon right at the top of the western side of the Scouring Sands in a dead-end section of the area. The dungeon is smaller than some others you’ll come across, but the risk of getting swarmed by enemies is quite high. Filled with spiders and Fallen, including Lunatics, the tight corridors make it hard to stay out of range of their attacks.

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How to Get the Sirroco Caverns Aspect of Echoing Fury

The first time you complete this relatively small dungeon, you’ll obtain the Aspect of Echoing Fury. This is a Barbarian-only Aspect that adds X Fury per second to your Shout skills while active.

For Barbarian builds that require constant Fury and utilize shouts, like the Whirlwind Barbarian, this is a great Aspect. While this Codex of Power imprints are the weakest, it can at least buff your build until you find a Legendary that has a maxroll for your endgame build.

That’s where to find the Sirorro Caverns dungeon in Diablo 4. For how to find more dungeons, Stronghold walkthroughs, or where to get certain unique items, check out our D4 guide hub.

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