Diablo Immortal: How to Get Skill Stones

Wondering how to get Skill Stones in Diablo: Immortal? This guide explains the process.

Wondering how to get Skill Stones in Diablo: Immortal? This guide explains the process.

Diablo: Immortal is loaded with different currencies, consumables, gems, and other various items. Each serves a specific purpose: to make your character stronger or to buy something that does. Skill Stones are part of the former, and they have different ranks for different effects. Let’s talk about them. 

Skill Stones Explained

Skill Stones are an item you get by maxing out a Charm to Rank 5 and extracting it, with each extraction costing 500 platinum. The process will create a stone that has 5 skills that can then be used to imbue Charms with one of those five skills. Which skill the charm is imbued with is left completely to chance.

You can create a stone as well as salvage, upgrade, and imbue your charms at Vas [Charm Craftsman] in Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch. He is towards the southwestern portion of that merchant area near the identifier NPC.

While none of the resources involved are strictly premium resources, platinum is both free and paid. You can get it quickly by paying real cash or at a slower pace by selling things on the Market, earning rewards with Battle Points, or completing dailies.

Since there is an 80% chance of not getting what you want when using a stone, it can lead to a lot of frustration at the waste of resources. But don’t fret: simply sell the ones you don’t want on the Market. So-so charms and stones will help recoup your loss, but great ones you don’t use will likely net you a good profit!

Charms Explained

Charms can be purchased at lower levels and equipped at Level 56. They are special items that increase your class skill damage by 2%-10% when equipped. For example, one might have a charm that gives the Monk’s Seven-Sided Strike 6% increased damage. The percentage increase is seemingly random. 

Charms can be ranked up, a step that is required for Skill Stones. They have five ranks:

  • Rank 1: Simple Charm
  • Rank 2: Wild Charm
  • Rank 3: Refined Charm
  • Rank 4: Ornate Charm
  • Rank 5: Grand Charm

Each time you upgrade your charms with Vas, it costs 20 Alchemical Powder. You get this currency by salvaging Simple Charms. Each one grants 10 powder. However, you can only salvage them at Rank 1!

Where to Find Charms

Occasionally, charms will be rewarded for completing bounties, but the majority can be purchased from the Hilts Trader in the northeastern part of Westmarch. You can purchase three a week on the main tab of his store, and you can buy one from the “Limited Time” section. Be sure to check the in-game limited time notification button so you can rush back and buy a charm when they restock. Each can be purchased for 100 Hilts.

The author of this article utilized his conclusion Skill Stone to min-max your reading satisfaction! If you’re looking for other guides for Diablo Immortal, we’ve got you covered! You can learn all about Essence Transfer and Adventure Journals.

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