Diablo Immortal Essence Transfer: How to Extract and Inherit Powers

Not sure how to extract and inherit powers in Diablo Immortal? This guide will show you everything you need to know!

A really cool feature of Diablo Immortal is the ability to transfer or inherit essence between one piece of legendary gear and give it to another. While you might really love the improved stats on one weapon, you may find you really want another power on your current gear, like the ability launches homing rockets when you strafe as a demon hunter.

How to Unlock Essence Transfer

To unlock essence transfer, you must first obtain two pieces of legendary gear of the same type. You will likely do this in the course of beating the main game, but it's not a guarantee. The odds of legendary items of any type dropping are very low.

You can earn legendaries either by grinding mobs, running dungeons, rifts, etc., or through rewards from the battle pass, log-in rewards, and possibly more later on (though that's what we have for now). If it takes a while to get legendaries, don't be discouraged; just keep playing and they'll eventually drop. That's just the nature of it. 

After getting two pieces of the same type, an NPC in Westmarch named Zamina will allow you to use her extract and inherit services. She is located near the other merchants in Rakkis Plaza.

How to Extract and Inherit Powers

You will need any legendary piece of armor or weapon that you want to extract the power from. Its level doesn't matter. Take the item to Zamina, and she will extract its essence for a gold fee.

It is important to be aware that extracting the power from a legendary will completely destroy it: poof, that legendary no longer exists. However, you will be able to use its power, name, and appearance when you choose the inheriting legendary.

To inherit the powers of a previously destroyed legendary item, you use Zamina's inherit service. Unlike extracting, this does not cost any gold and can be done multiple times. This service will replace the inheriting weapon's appearance, name, and power.

Reset an Inherited Item

If you make a mistake while changing powers on your legendaries or if you simply want to change essences, you can easily reset an item that has inherited its power from another by talking to Zamina again and choosing to reset. This will revert its name, appearance, and power back to its original form and make it eligible to inherit a different power. You can do this as much as you want without any negative effects or costs.

That's it for our guide on extracting and inheriting powers in Diablo Immortal. For other guides, check out our Diablo Immortal tips hub.

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Published Jun. 8th 2022

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