This nifty guide covers all of the Twin's subclass tanks and tips on using them effectively. tank class guide – The Twin and its subclasses

This nifty guide covers all of the Twin's subclass tanks and tips on using them effectively.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

It almost feels like there are new tanks every other day these days with the developer putting out new updates all the time now. Unfortunately if you don’t play every day, it can be hard to keep up with all the updates, especially with all the new classes that get added.

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This overview guide covers the Twin tank and its subclasses, of which there is currently a total of eight. Each one has its benefits, especially the level 45 tanks that all offer their own brand of overwhelming firepower that most players have trouble dealing with.

There are three branches inside of Twin, which you can choose at level 15. At level 30 you have a choice between three separate options, each of which branching into differing classes at level 45. These classes are:

  • Triple Shot (level 30)
    • Triplet (level 45)
    • Penta Shot (level 45)
  • Twin Flank (level 30)
    • Triple Twin (level 45)
    • Octo Tank (level 45)
  • Quad Tank (level 30)
    • Octo Tank (level 45)

The Twin, which you reach at level 15, is surprisingly capable even at early levels and is fine at 1-on-1 dueling and at farming, thanks to its base high reload speed, which is easy enough to ramp up to super high speeds via the Reload stat.

This is not a durable tank and is fully-offensive, specializing in focus firing other players or efficient farming. It may in fact be the most powerful level 15 class because of its ability to focus fire, which easily beats out the Machine Gun in a duel.

At level 30 the Twin can go into the Triple Shot, Twin Flank, or Quad Tank. Check out below for more information on each of these classes.

Triple Shot (Level 30)

The Triple Shot may not be as popular as the Twin’s other two options, but it is great at dealing with drone classes like the Necromancer, Overlord, and Manager.

The above said the Triple Shot is one of the weaker classes in the game and none of its default innate stats are amazing. It deals with drone classes so well because it can easily fire at the enemy tank itself and the drones at the same time, but it’s not good at much else.

The Triple Shot can go into the Triplet or the Penta Shot at level 45. You really go through this class to reach the higher tier ones. It may be better to avoid fighting too much until you hit 45.

Triplet (level 45)

This is quite the upgrade from the Triple Shot! The tank’s three barrels have come together to face forward, making the Triplet a force to be reckoned with.

The Triplet is one of the highest damage tanks in the game and can easy shoot through most tanks’ bullet sprays with ease when you’ve invested some stat points into Bullet Penetration.

This is a great choice for inexperienced players or anyone who wants to feel like a boss. Do be warned that the recoil from the three barrels being on the front makes you move very slowly when trying to chase and shoot in the same direction.

Penta Shot (level 45)

The Penta Shot takes the excess guns of the Triplet and turns it up to 11 with a total of five simultaneously shooting barrels. It’s hard as heck for any other player to get out of your line of fire when you’re using this baby.

Like the Triplet, the Penta Shot is one of the stronger classes in due to its firepower. And also like the Triplet, the recoil on the five barrels can be a real problem. The biggest issues when playing the Penta are dealing with the recoil and 1-on-1 duels against tanks that have more focused fire.

Do not try to engage Triplets or Gunners with this class unless they are already at half to low health.

Twin Flank (level 30)

This class doesn’t get much attention but it’s much stronger than it appears. The double barrels on either end minimize your recoil so your shooting doesn’t have much effect on your movement, and it’s easy to farm food (and hence score).

While leveling you can easily out-gun classes with more guns and higher rates of fire by focus firing on them. It’s also easy to damage other tanks if you’re running away, as you shoot in both directions simultaneously.

Triple Twin (level 45)

Most people seem to go for the Octo Tank, the Twin Flank’s other level 45 class, but the Triple Twin does have its uses as it can focus fire other tanks much more easily than the Octo.

This is not a durable class as its base health is quite low. This is the same for the Octo Tank, but the Triple Twin has to put more effort into protecting itself. After all you don’t have shots going out in all directions, but only three.

If you’re comparing the two, you need more skill to do well with the Triple Twin than the Octo. The two barrels at the front are going to be your primary offense, while those in the back are most often used to keep other tanks off your butt and to farm without putting any effort into it.

Octo Tank (level 45)

The far more preferred of the two, the Octo Tank is one class you see in each and every match you’re put into, no matter the mode. Players who have no idea how to deal with this beast will die to it, but players who know how to dodge and get in close (or good Sniper subclasses) will have an easy time taking out an Octo Tank due to its low base health.

The general strategy for playing this class is to spin, and spin a lot. You don’t necessarily have to but it makes it even harder for other players to close in on you.

This is purely an offensive class — and if you’re good, you can last a while going with an offensive-only glass cannon build (Reload, Bullet Speed, Bullet Damage, Bullet Penetration) but if you’re still new to it you may want to consider some Health and Health Regen for your own safety.

The Octo Tank can also be reached via Quad Tank (level 30), which is mentioned below.

Quad Tank (level 30)

The Quad Tank is available for both the Twin and the Flank Guard at level 30, and is exactly the same between either one.

Much as the name suggests, the Quad shoots from all four directions at the same time, meaning like the Octo Tank that comes after it at level 45, the Quad Tank is great at farming and keeping other players at bay but is not good at surviving in a duel.

The Quad Tank is very weak compared to most other level 30 tanks and is nowhere near as strong as the Octo, which shoots eight shots at once instead of four. Play carefully while leveling the Quad and stay away from other players, or simply go with the Twin Flank to get up to Octo instead.

You can read about the Octo Tank in the section right above this one!

These are the current classes that come from the base Twin class, and almost all of them are pretty popular for good reason. While more tanks are being added to all the time, these still continue to be some of the best and probably will be for some time.

And that’s that for the Sniper and its subclasses. If you enjoyed this guide, check out my Sniper tank guide and my Flank Guard tank guide. Happy shooting!

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