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Looking for tips and strategies on how you can Awaken your Digimon to the next level in Digimon Links? This awakening guide has all the details.

Digimon Links Guide: How to Awaken

Looking for tips and strategies on how you can Awaken your Digimon to the next level in Digimon Links? This awakening guide has all the details.
This article is over 6 years old and may contain outdated information

There will come a time while playing Digimon Links that you think you’ve done it all: you’ve gotten your favorite Mega, you’ve run through tons of quests, you’ve beaten everything there is to beat. But there’s more. The Awakening system is one of those things. It adds an additional layer of depth to Digivolution, and grinding fragments and the other resources required to fully Awaken your Megas will be a massive operation.

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Awakening can be a very confusing process for new players, so we’ve created this Links guide to help you understand what Awakening is and how you can Awaken your Digimon to its max level. 

What is Awakening in Digimon Links?

Awakening is the process by which you improve your Mega Digimon by increasing its stats and level cap. You can view it as a way to “prestige” your Digimon beyond the highest Digivolution.

After completing Stage 3 of Area 1 in Normal Quests, you receive a Level 40 MetalGreymon. While its incredible power level is enough to breeze you all the way through up to Area 5, MetalGreymon is just an Ultimate. Mega is the stage after Ultimate, so if you’ve yet to get your hands on one then know that they blow Digimon like MetalGreymon out of the water.

Awakening your Megas is not only a way to flex power and spend your resources, but it’ll be essential in completing the harder Advent Quests. In turn, Advent Quests will reward you with materials that you can use to even further Awaken your Megas. If the North American version is anything like the Japanese one (which was released long ago), Awakening your Megas will be mandatory to compete on the PvP ladder. Without doing it, you won’t stand a chance.

How do you Awaken in Digimon Links?

Awakening a Mega is done by accessing the Lab and selecting Research. By default, the Lab is directly west of your House on your farm. It’s the building with the green roof.

On the Research screen, you’ll see two empty slots: one for your Base Digimon and one for the Partner Digimon. To be eligible for Awakening, your Base Digimon must be a Mega and it needs to have max Friendship (300). If you don’t already know, Friendship is gained by completing quests.

The level of your Mega doesn’t matter for Awakening. The Partner Digimon must also be a Mega, but it’s Friendship can be any level. Please be aware that your Partner Digimon will be destroyed during this process. Although I’ve not tried it myself, I believe your Partner Digimon will be destroyed even if you attempt to Awaken with a Base Digimon under 300 Friendship (and thus fail). Be careful!

When complete, you will receive a DigiEgg in the Garden area of your Lab. To verify that you’re Awakening correctly, check that this egg has the correct “+” value (for example, “+1”) in the corner of its display portrait. Hatching the egg will give you an In-Training II Digimon, which is the lowest level Digivolution (unless counting Fresh). Evolving this In-Training Digimon will give you the Rookie evolution of the original Base Digimon. For example, if your Base Digimon was a Jesmon (Mega) that evolved from a Hackmon (Rookie), your In-Training II Digimon from the DigiEgg will evolve into a Hackmon.

The max Awakening level is +4. Again, you can think of this almost like a prestige system that you’ll have to do over four times. It’s not mandatory that you evolve into the same Mega all four times though. You can change which Mega your Ultimate evolves into each time without losing your Awakening level.

What do I need to reach +4 Awakening?

Reaching +4 Awakening is a 10-step process, assuming you already have a Mega:

  1. Start with Base Mega Digimon
  2. Rookie to Mega #1 needs 7 fragments
  3. Base Mega + Mega #1 = +1 Rookie
  4. +1 Rookie to +1 Mega needs 11 fragments
  5. +1 Mega + Mega #2 = +2 Rookie
  6. +2 Rookie to +2 Mega needs 14 fragments
  7. +2 Mega + Mega #3 = +3 Rookie
  8. +3 Rookie to +3 Mega needs 21 fragments
  9. +3 Mega + Mega #4 = +4 Rookie
  10. +4 Rookie to +4 Mega needs 21 fragments

In total, you need four “throwaway” Megas and 74 fragments. However, let me remind you again that you can evolve into different Megas each time you Awaken. You don’t need to farm all 74 fragments for the same Mega, so use that to your advantage.

Awakening in Digimon Links can seem very confusing at first, but this guide should give you enough details for you to understand exactly what you’re in for. Keep the small details in mind. Your Partner, during Awakening, can be any Friendship level, and both your Base and Partner can be any Digimon level.

If you’re confused or have any questions, drop me a comment below and I’ll try to help you out!

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