Here are some tips to help increase your Digimon's CAM to help you achieve that Digivolution you have been craving.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth: How to raise CAM

Here are some tips to help increase your Digimon's CAM to help you achieve that Digivolution you have been craving.

What the heck is CAM? That’s the first question that pops up when you see a 10% requirement for turning your Agumon into the awesome Greymon. CAM is a stat on your Digimon that is vital for those hoping to achieve some of the more iconic Digvolve options in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. This guide will give you tips and tricks to raise/max your CAM so that you can choose the right Digivolve options as soon as they are available. 

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What is CAM?

CAM stands for camaraderie and plays several different roles. It is often the requirement for certain types of Digivolution. It also plays a role in combat. CAM is directly tied to your Digimon’s ability to perform combo attacks. In other words, the higher your Digimon’s CAM is, the more likely you are to launch into combo attacks. 

How to increase CAM

There are several ways to increase the CAM stat of your Digimon. The cheapest way is to simply have your Digimon in your battle party. Every battle your Digimon is in will gain them about 1% in CAM. It should be noted that this will only happen if your Digimon is in your battle party, NOT in reserve. This is typically the best method when meeting the small requirement of 10% CAM for champion-level Digivolves. 

Another method of raising your CAM stat can be found on the DigiFarm. Feeding Digimeat to your Digimon will increase it’s CAM by 1-5%. You can purchase the higher quality Exciting Meat from the store at the DigiLab for 5000 Yen. Although it has a chance of no effect, the Exciting Meat can increase CAM by 20% and up! This is an expensive option however, so spend wisely!

There are also various items that you can discover to help increase your CAM stat. Items such as the Friendship DX can be received as rewards for completing quests. They can also be found in chests. These items can increase CAM by 25%.

Get 100% Friendship

Some Digimon (such as Paildramon) require another Digimon with 100% CAM and friendship between the two for Digivolutions. All this means is that you need to have both Digimon in your party when you try to Digivolve them, along with 100% CAM for both.

Overall, obtaining CAM for your Digimon can be a bit of a grind, however it will all be worth it when you finally obtain that awesome Digivolution you worked so hard to get!


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