Digimon World Next Order Beginner Info and Tips

Check this guide out for everything you need to know to get started in Digimon World Next Order!

Check this guide out for everything you need to know to get started in Digimon World Next Order!

Digimon World Next Order lets you raise two Digimon to fight and adventure with. Just like classic digital pets, you will need to feed, train, and overall take care of your Digimon. There are many items you can use, several stats that affect digivolution, and many other things that are confusing at first.

I’m going to help by going over the basics and give some tips for those just starting their digital adventure.

Digimon World Next Order Beginner’s Guide

We’re going to go over the following topics in this guide:

  • Game Basics — The basics of raising and battling with your Digimon.
  • Stats and Food — What each stat and kind of food does.
  • Tamer Info — How you level and what you get.
  • Training and Digivolution — How it works and what affects it.

Digimon World Next Order  Basics


The Life of your Digimon is the first thing you should worry about before battling. Life is the amount of time your Digimon has before it dies.

All Digimon have a set Life, but they will be reborn after death with higher stats than normal. As you train and fight, your Digimon has 6 Life stats that are affected.

Digimon World next order life stats

  • Mood — This affects how much damage you deal in battle.
    • You can get a bonus for Training with a high Mood.
  • Discipline — This determines how serious your Digimon are.
    • It can increase through Communication or eating.
    • This only affects Digivolution.
  • Curse — This is increased if you don’t take your Digimon to the bathroom in time.
    • Raising it 16 times will cause something bad to happen.
  • Fatigue — This is how tired your Digimon get.
    • Battles and Training increase this and you will want to rest if it gets over half full.
    • If you don’t rest, or end battle with low HP, they could get sick or lose Life.
    • You can cure Sickness with medicine.
  • Bond — This is how you relate to your Digimon.
    • It affects your initial Order Points in battle.
  • DigiFriend — This is how your Digimon relate to each other.
    • High values will cause them to help each out in battle.
    • You can increase it through Communication, eating, and sleeping.
  • Communication is not a stat. It is a random occurrence that allows you to interact with your Digimon by either, Praising, Scolding, or Ignoring.
  • Praising and Scolding raises or lowers Bond, Mood, and Discipline. How they are affected depends on the situation.
  • Example: Praising after a good training will increases 1 or more of those stats, but Scolding for a good training will lower them.
  • Ignoring does nothing.

Care Menu

Throughout the day your Digimon will get Hungry, Tired, Sleepy, and Need to go to the bathroom. Watch for the symbols so you know when you need to take care of them.

If they are Hungry, Sick, or Sleepy, you can fix this by opening up the Care Menu by pressing Square

Here you can feed them, use medicine, or go to sleep if they are Sleepy.

If you only want to feed or use an item on 1 Digimon, you can toggle each of them on and off with the L1 and R1 buttons.


In battle Digimon will fight on their own, but you can give them specific orders.

R1 lets you give an order to the right Digimon and L1 is for the left.

Attack Skills require MP to use and you can change Tactics to affect the frequency they use these on their own.

To make your Digimon use specific skills immediately, you need to choose that skill from your partner’s menu. This also requires a certain amount of Order Points.

You start with a set amount each battle, but this can be raised in combat by pressing X. There is a cooldown you must wait for between uses.

digimon world next order battle screen

While in battle, you can also use items to restore HP, MP, revive, boost stats, and more.

Stats and Food


  •  HP and MP — HP is the amount of health your digimon has, and MP is their mana.
    • Mp is required for Attack Skills, so the higher the stat, the more skills they can use before needing recovery.
  • STR — Strength affects how much damage your Digimon deal.
  • STA — Stamina is your Defense. 
  • WIS — Wisdom reduces the MP cost of skills, increases chance of Guarding, and increases critical-hit rate.
  • SPD — Speed affects how fast your Digimon act in battle.


  • Meat — Raises Weight and Mood and greatly satisfies hunger.
  • Fruit — Raises Mood more easily and removes Fatigue.
  • Vegetable — Raises the amount of abilities increase during training for a short time and raises Discipline.
  • Wild Mushroom — Reduces Weight and removes Fatigue, but doesn’t satisfy Hunger very well.
  • Nut — Reduces Discipline and does not satisfy hunger very well if not cooked.
  • Drink — Raises Mood and removes Fatigue. 
    • Also raises DigiFriend and sold in vending machines.
  • Fish — Reduces Discipline and raises Bond. You get these by fishing.

Tamer Info

Your Tamer, which is your character, can level. You level by gaining enough experience points from winning battles.

When you level, you will get points you can spend on Tamer Skills.

I won’t go into too much detail here, but there is something I would suggest. If you care about Digivolution at the beginning, I would get Teacher and Evolving type skills under Trainer first. This will allow you to get more stats and train longer.

If not, I would get Order and Tactical Type skills under Commander first. These will make them stronger in combat and unlock more combat options.

Training and Digivolution

Training is a big part of making your Digimon stronger and digivolving. You can raise stats by battling, but they go up much higher if you train.

The training building is in Town and allows you to place your Digimon in any of the 6 Stats categories.

digimon world next order training

  • Nearby stats will also raise during training, but not as much as the main stat selected.
  • You can place them in different categories when you train and there are different bonuses you can get depending on where you place them.
  • You can also let 1 rest while the other trains.

Digivolution is affected by a variety of things, but mostly their stats. If you look at the stats of your Digimon, then go to history, you can check the requirements you need for each digivolution.

Anything past Rookie will not show the requirements initially, but you can gain this info through Communication.

As your Digimon gets older, it will become more likely to digivolve. This is why it is important to get your stats to the levels you want as soon as possible.

Extra Tips

  • There are Digimon that will give you things everyday, so always check back in town on new days.
    • Tanemon is to the left of the bathroom and will give you Meat everyday.
    • Koromon is inside Jijimon’s house and will give you gathered items.
  • Make sure to check the field for items you can gather because they are a huge help at feeding and strengthening your Digimon.
  • Don’t forget to check on your Digimon.
    • You will want to know every time they are hungry, need to go to the bathroom, etc.
    • This game is more than just going out and defeating enemies. You will need to take care of your Digimon partners.

That’s everything I have for getting started in Digimon World Next Order. Let me know if you have any questions and stay tuned for more detailed guides on specific things in the game!

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