If you want to do any sort of actual farming in Dinkum, you'll want to work towards a sprinkler as soon as you can.

Dinkum: How to Get a Sprinkler

If you want to do any sort of actual farming in Dinkum, you'll want to work towards a sprinkler as soon as you can.

Of all the things you can do in Dinkum, watering crops is one of the least fun and most annoying. You don’t have to manually water them all forever, though — you’ll be able to unlock a sprinkler blueprint once you’ve progressed enough.

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To get the sprinkler blueprint, you’ll first need to farm for quite some time. You need to achieve Level 20 in Farming before the pre-requisite license becomes available, and then you need to unlock the actual license that grants the blueprint.

How to Unlock the Sprinkler Blueprint

If you want to get the sprinkler sooner than later, you’re going to be spending a lot of time watering crops on your way up to Farming Level 20. Either way, you’ll spend a lot of time watering crops to get there, but you’ll want to tend more crops per day than otherwise if you want to rush to a sprinkler.

Plant as many crops as you can bear to water each day. I recommend focusing on wheat for this effort, as it takes a whopping four wheat to make a single bag of flour.

At Farming level 10, you can purchase the level two Farming License for 1,000 Permit Points, which allows you to make a copper watering can to make your watering efforts easier. At level 20, you unlock the ability to craft an iron watering can for 3,000 Permit Points.

But the real draw to Farming level 20 and a level three Farming License isn’t the iron watering can, it’s the newly unlocked Irrigation License. The Irrigation License costs 1,000 Permit Points and can only be unlocked after you’ve got the third Farming License.

The Irrigation License opens up both the sprinkler and the water tank it will draw water from, so you’ll need to craft both to start.

The sprinkler waters tiles in a square around it, covering eight tiles. The advanced sprinkler that comes with Irrigation License level two is actually much more powerful and should be your primary goal, as it waters in a 5×5 area around the sprinkler rather than a small eight-tile square around it.

It’s very worth it to splurge the 4,000 Permit Points on the subsequent level two Irrigation License considering the massive area increase granted by the advanced sprinkler compared to the basic one.

That’s all you need to know about how to get a sprinkler in Dinkum. Check out our guide on how to properly use crab pots, and look for more Dinkum guides here on GameSkinny.

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