Dinkum: How to Use Crab Pots

Crab pots can be frustrating in Dinkum. Here's how to use them properly.

Crab pots can be frustrating in Dinkum. Here's how to use them properly.
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If you’re a fan of fishing, you may have seen the crab pots in Dinkum‘s level three Fishing License and immediately splurged the 3,000 Permit Points to get your hands on some crab pots. Or maybe you didn’t, and you finally just unlocked them and are just wondering how to use them. No matter how quickly you got to crafting crab pots, they’re going to be confusing.

This Dinkum guide tells you everything you need to know about this finishing implement, including which bait is best (spoiler: they’re all the same), what to look out for when you’ve caught something, and more. 

Dinkum Crab Pots Explained

Crab pots can be placed in any body of water to yield results, and different water environments land you different catches. You may want to place your crab pots in different areas for this reason, as the creatures you catch in a billabong vary from the ones you can catch in the ocean or a river.

You will want to place your crab pots in places where you are standing just a bit in water yourself, and the pot is placed one tile deeper.

Next, you’ll need to place some bait in your crab pot. Only meat can be used as bait, though it doesn’t matter if it’s raw or if it’s cooked. You may be inclined to run around your island slaughtering kangaroos for their meat just to set crab pots (I know I did), but croco meat or any other land-based meats work just as well.

Once you’ve got your bait meat in hand, stand next to your crab pot, and it should prompt you to insert the bait. After which, the top will close, and the pot will be set.

Provided you placed proper bait, you should be able to come back to your crab pot the next day for a potential catch. Crab pots that have items or creatures in them will be splashing to indicate they need to be checked. The prompt will tell you to harvest rather than insert once something’s been caught in the pot.

Crab pots don’t necessarily always grant sea creatures, sometimes you just get junk or even jelly, which normally comes from killing jellyfish and is used to make jelly brew via the keg.

Though using crab pots is pretty novel, their actual use is rather limited outside of getting odd-off sea creatures to donate to the museum. Otherwise, they are not entirely worth the effort. We’ve got more guides coming on things that are worth the effort in Dinkum, though.

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