The Puppy Paw Stick is a highly useful item in Disgaea, and our Disgaea 4 Puppy Paw Stick guide has everything you need to get one.

Disgaea 4 Guide: How to Get the Puppy Paw Stick

The Puppy Paw Stick is a highly useful item in Disgaea, and our Disgaea 4 Puppy Paw Stick guide has everything you need to get one.
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The Puppy Paw Stick is one of Disgaea 4’s more elusive items. Obtaining the special axe means doing some serious party leveling and digging deep into the Item World. Even then, parts of the process are completely random.

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Involved as it may be, the PPS is worth getting because it boosts an axe-proficient character’s chance of stealing items by up to 20%. 

Disgaea 4: How to Get the Puppy Paw Stick — The Nekomata Path

There are two potential ways to obtain the Puppy Paw Stick, but both are lengthy processes in their own way.

The most common way is capturing a Nekomata, “disciplining” it until it coughs up a new treasure location, and hoping the RNG gods favor you with a Puppy Paw Stick.

This method has several steps, though.

Finding Nekomata in Disgaea 4

The Nekomata you capture has to be at least level 1,000, and you need that tier of Felynn unlocked in your character creation. 

Nekomata appear on two stages. The first is 5-2, where there’s more than one. They’re not going to be anywhere near level 1,000 on their own, though.

You’ll need to get the Senate to pass Stronger Enemy Bills to boost their levels. If you’re struggling with that, remember you can throw enemies into each other, and the one you throw at gets their level raised.

Or you can use the Cheat Shop to set enemy levels higher (four stars) the fast way.


The other stage you can find a Nekomata in is the first stage in the X-Dimension: X-1.

Accessing the X-Dimension is something of a process in itself. You’ll need to buy an X-Dimension Promotionhell Ticket from the Scalper in the Item World’s Mystery Gates. These have more chances of appearing on Item World floors ending in 1, so you can save and re-load if one doesn’t appear.

However, the Scalper, a wolf monster/Cu Saith, appears randomly. Some players report success by choosing the Item Boost path, a few with the Treasure Boost, and still more with the Innocent Boost path.

The takeaway here is that there’s probably no way to influence the Scalper’s appearance, but Item Boost is as good a path as any.

Capturing Nekomata in Disgaea 4

Valvatorez should be the same level as the Nekomata, and you’ll need a few other high-level characters to pull off the capture as well.

If you haven’t unlocked it already, get the Discipline Room for the Cam-Pain HQ by throwing three enemies and getting the Senate to pass the bill for the room. Then, pick your strong squad to place on the Evil Symbol where the Discipline Room is.

Once everything’s in place, encounter your Nekomata of choice, and throw it into the base panel. If your Evil Symbol team is strong enough, you’ll capture the Nekomata. If not, it destroys your base panel on that stage.

“Disciplining” The Nekomata

Once that’s done, finish the stage and save. Then head to the Discipline Room, and start working on the Nekomata.

Choose discipline actions until the option to ask about treasure comes up. Valvatorez has the best luck with the massage chair method, and it shouldn’t take more than one or two tries.

Force the location of secret treasure out of the Nekomata and then head to that go and find it. Whether it’ll be the Puppy Paw Stick is random, but you can approach it two ways.

If you want to keep re-rolling, save before interrogating the Nekomata. If you’re fine just snagging loot, keep on repeating this process until you get what you want. The items don’t duplicate, so you’ll get the PPS eventually.

Disgaea 4: How to Get the Puppy Paw Stick — The Level Sphere Path

The less involved, but still lengthy, way to get a Puppy Paw Stick is by collecting Level Spheres. If you’ve collected at least 150 level spheres, you can trade with the Sphere Collector in the Item World for a Puppy Paw Stick. 

Gathering that many Level Spheres means a lot of time spent in various Item Worlds, where you must grab the spheres and take them through to the next stage before enemies destroy them.

But there is a bright side. Apart from leveling up your gear through the Item World grinding, the Puppy Paw Stick the Sphere Collector gives you is Legendary, so its stats are higher than the usual one.

It’s also worth noting the Puppy Paw Sticks you’ll find by getting secret treasure locations off Nekomata are much less likely to be Legendary, though it could still happen.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the Puppy Paw Stick in Disgaea 4. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Disgaea 4 guides in the coming days, and be sure to check out our review of Disgaea 4 Complete+ for PC if you haven’t already.

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