Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes (February 2024)

Codes for Disney Dreamlight Valley grant a number of different items, and you'll want to get them all.

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Updated: January 4, 2024

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Whether you love Disney Princesses, want to hang out with Stitch, or just build and decorate your own fairytale palace, you’ll want to get as many items and materials as possible. Disney Dreamlight Valley codes can help, giving you a variety items, from furniture to in-game currency.

All Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes List

Codes given by the Gameloft team celebrate a number of things. From in-game festivals to real life Pride Week, they really know how to bring the party. Items granted from these codes can gift you exclusive items, clothing, or Moonstones. If you’re looking to collect everything you can, you’ll definitely want to stay up to date on redeeming these.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes (Active)

  • SG2023GIFTS​:
    • Painted Table
    • Vine Flower Lamp
    • Snowy Festive Window
    • Telescope
    • Snowy Brick Road with Border x20
    • Haughty Snowman x1
    • Snow Kid x1
    • Snow Lady x1
    • Snow Hut x1
  • SGWRAPPINGPAPER: Wrapping Paper x5
    • Hot Cocoa x5
    • Marble Coffee Table x1
    • Marble Fireplace x1
    • Ornate Couch x1
    • Pixelized Cooking Flame
    • Glitchy Pixel Duplicate
  • SG2023: Moonstones x500
  • PRIDE20231: Gleam Tee x1
  • PRIDE20232: Illuminate Tee x1
  • PRIDE20233: Shine Tee x1
  • PRIDE20234: Shimmer Tee x1
  • PRIDE20235: Glow Tee x1
  • PRIDE20236: Radiate Tee x1
  • PRIDE20237: Bright Tee x1
  • PRIDE20238: Dazzle Tee x1
  • PIXL:
    • Air Hockey Table x1
    • Game Machine x1
    • Coin-op Game Machine x1
Image via Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes (Expired)

  • DDVBPACK: Celebration Backpack x1
    • Balloon Arch x1
    • Balloon Clusters Gift Bundle x1
  • DDVHEADBAND: Minnie Mouse Ears x1
    • Playful Pumpkin Scarecrow x1
    • Small Pumpkin Collection x2
    • Large Pumpkin Collection x2
    • Heavy Iron Cauldron x1
    • Pampas Grass Jug x2
    • Bountiful Marigold Basket x2
    • Autumn Harvest Pennants x1
    • Autumn Wreath x1
    • Kingfish x5
    • Fugu x5
    • Anglerfish x5
    • Clay x5
    • Fabric x5
    • Cotton x5
    • Snowballs x15
    • Hardwood x15
    • Glass x15
  • FOFTROPHY: Moonstones x150
    • Gold Ingots x5
    • Iron Ingots x5
    • Tinkering Parts x5
  • FOFSUCCESS: Pumpkins x8
    • Diamonds x3
    • Rubies x3
    • Sapphires x3
    • Dream Shards x5
    • Night Shards x5
  • FOFGLITTER: Moonstones x150
  • GPOT-OATO-LDFS-ENNM: Golden Potato x1
    • Melting Platinum Minnie Ears x1
    • Iron Ingots x15
  • DREAMLIGHTPARK: Magic Recycler x1
    • Light Blue Ice Cream Stand x1
    • Minimalist Surfboards x1
    • Lightning Strike Wagon x1
Image via Gameloft

How to Claim DDV Codes

You can only redeem DDV codes in-game. Follow these steps:

  • Launch DDV.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Select Help, which should be at the bottom of the list before Save Game.
  • Enter the code in the Redemption Code box in the middle of the screen.
  • Click Claim.

All items will be sent to your mailbox for you to pick up. You’ll need to have the empty inventory space to get them, however.

Why aren’t My Dreamlight Valley Codes Working?

If your DDV code doesn’t work, there are a couple things you want to check. Ensure the code was typed correctly, with matching capitalization and punctuation. Then, check if there’s a space before or after the code. This happens frequently when you copy and paste. If both of those are accurate, you may have already claimed the code. Otherwise, it’s most likely expired.

How to Get More Dreamlight Valley Codes

If you’re looking for more codes to redeem, you’ll want to follow the official DDV X (formerly Twitter) account. They post all the codes there, often with images of the some of the items or the bundle. Otherwise, you’ll want to check back here to see if there are any updates to the list.

That’s the complete list of all Disney Dreamlight Valley codes. For quest walkthroughs, how to grow certain items, or where to find different things, check out our guide vault.

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