Disney Dreamlight Valley: Halloween Event 2023 Guide

You'll find all the details for the Haunted Holiday Star Path here.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is ready to spook villagers’ days with the 2023 Haunted Holiday Star Path event. Whether you’re buying the star path or playing for free, there’s something for everyone. Cue the autumn festivities! Here, you’ll find everything you can expect for the 2023 Haunted Holiday Star Path Halloween Event in DDV.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween Event 2023 Guide

The 2023 Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween Event features a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is sure to delight some fans. Each day of the Haunted Holiday Star Path event, you’ll be faced with challenges to gain Trick or Treat tokens for the Star Path Battle Pass unlocks.

Challenges will rotate throughout the Halloween event, including tasks like completing daily Dreamlight Duties, clearing thorns, breaking rocks, and more. Just be sure to check your “Duties” tab in the menu each day for your challenges!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Haunted Holiday Star Path Details

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There’s a free and paid premium option for the 2023 DDVI Haunted Holiday Star Path. The premium includes all of the challenge rewards, and the free includes three. If you’re like me and change your mind sometimes, you can unlock the premium path after completing the free star path.

  • Standard Star Path
    • Cost: Free
    • Rewards: X100 Moonstone, Colorful Jester Makeup, and Halloween Town Archway.
  • Premium Star Path
    • Cost: 2,500 Moonstone ($9.99)
    • Rewards: Motifs, Pirate Parrot Companion, Haunting Painting, x1,900 Moonstone, Haunting Wallpaper, Ghastly Backpack, Cartes Chest, Creepy Crawlers Makeup, Winifred’s Wig, Scalawag’s Dinghy, Haunted Tonics, Pumpkin King Costume, Haunted Pipe Organ, Haunting Painting, Pirate’s Treasure Trove, Skellington’s Hill, Trick-or-Treat Stitch, Haunting Painting, Mary’s Updo, Pirate Donald, Frightful Fountain, Haunting Painting, and Oogie Boogie Outfit.

Well, that’s all there is to know about the 2023 Haunted Holiday Star Path Halloween event in DDV. Check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub here to stay up to date with all things coming to the valley.

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