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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Vanellope Fungeons and Dragons Quest

Get ready for an adventure in the Dungeons and Dragons quest.

Vanellope is ready to host the best game ever with her Fungeons and Dragons quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You’ll battle your way to the Candy Kart prize for her final friendship level 10 quest. Here’s how to complete the Fungeons and Dragons quest in DDV.

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How to Complete the Fungeons and Dragons Quest

First things first, you’ll need to complete the prerequisite friendship quests to unlock the level 10 quest, and of course, level up your friendship. We have a complete guide to leveling up your friendship here.

Fungeons and Dragons Step by Step

Here’s what you need to do to complete the Fungeons and Dragons quest.

  • Enter Vanellope’s house.
  • Talk to Vanellope.
  • Dress up as a Hero by heading to your Wardrobe and selecting the quest objective.
  • Talk to Vanellope.
  • Visit Chez Remy and confront the Wizard, Anna.
  • Talk to Vanellope.
  • Go to the bottom floor of the Mystical Cave on Dazzle Beach.
  • Talk to Olaf.
  • Talk to Vanellope.
  • Equip the Pixel Sword.
  • Cook 3 Raspberry Boba Tea.
  • Collect the Monster Bestiary from the Arendalle Castle.
  • Head to the Vitalys Mines in Sunlit Plateau.
  • Talk to Stitch.
  • Break the cardboard signs.
  • Break the Dragon cardboard sign.
  • Talk to Buzz Lightyear.
  • Exit the Mines.
  • Talk to Vanellope in her house.
  • Open up the chest from your inventory.
  • Talk to Vanellope.
  • Completed!

The Hero’s Quest

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After you’ve talked to Vanellope and equipped your Hero’s outfit, you’re ready for adventure. To start your Hero journey, you’ll need to talk to three mysterious characters. Vanellope tells you to look at the map from the Boss Up quest, which will lead you to where they are.

The first is Anna, and I found her on the left side of Chez Remy behind the tables. Anna will give you the first key, and you’ll have two more to find.

For the second key, you’ll head to Dazzle Beach and enter the Mystical Cave. Next, head to the bottom level of the cave and you’ll find Olaf, he’ll give you the second key.

After getting the first two keys, talk to Vanellope and she’ll give you instructions to prepare for your confrontation with the Mastermind.

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You’ll need to equip your Pixel Sword from the Boss Up quest, cook up 3 Raspberry Boba Tea (1 Milk, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Raspberry), and collect the Monster Bestiary from the Arendalle Castle. I found the Bestiary sparkling on the ground of the Castle.

Meet the Mastermind

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Next, you’ll need to head to the Vitalys Mines to confront the Mastermind.

You’ll see Stitch when you enter the Mines, talk to him. Stitch will send you on a quest to save a Princess by defeating monsters and breaking down doors. You’ll notice cardboard signs throughout the cave, break these.

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Once you make your way to the center of the Mines, you’ll be tasked with slaying the dragon. The Dragon is yet another cardboard sign, and “princess” Buzz Lightyear is behind it, talk to him. After your conversation with Buzz, you can exit the mines. You also have the option to talk to Stitch and tell him his plan failed, but you don’t need to before leaving.

Finally, head back to Vanellope’s to get your final prize for the quest. She’ll give you the treasure chest to open in your inventory, and it contains cardboard signs from your quest. Lastly, you’ll receive her candy Racer Kart as the final prize.

Well, that’s it for our guide on Vanellope’s Fungeons and Dragons friendship level 10 quest. Check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub for tips, tricks, and more walkthroughs.

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