Disney Dreamlight Valley: Vanellope Ready Player Fun Quest

Vanellope needs your help having fun in the Valley, show her how during the Ready Player Fun quest.

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Vanellope has glitched her way into Disney Dreamlight Valley, and she needs some help adjusting to her new life. Vanellope’s friendship level 4 quest will put you in the driver’s seat, helping her discover ways to have fun around the Valley. In this guide we’ll go over how to complete the Ready Player Fun quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete Ready Player Fun Quest

To start this quest, you’ll need to complete her level 2 friendship quest Extreme Biome Makeover. Then, level her up to friendship level 4. I did so by hanging out with Vanellope and gifting her favorite items daily. Here’s how to start and complete Ready Player Fun.

  • Talk to Vanellope.
  • Mine 3 ores.
  • Catch 5 fish.
  • Plant 30 crops.
  • Harvest 30 crops or fruit.
  • Talk to Vanellope.
  • Head to Scrooge’s shop.
  • Go to the Vitalys mines to find Vanellope’s “dark and dangerous” hiding spot.
  • Follow the candy trail in the Vitalys mines to find Vanellope.
  • Talk to Vanellope.
  • Race Vanellope to the exit of the Mines.
  • Catch 3 fish in the river within 3 minutes.
  • Talk to Vanellope.
  • Completed!

Vanellope is accustomed to tons of fun and games, so you’ll have to show her how to stay entertained in the Valley. Your first task is to mine, catch fish, and plant crops with Vanellope, but you’ll quickly discover that she thinks these are chores and not a good time! She’ll show you how to have fun instead, and you’ll start a game of hide and seek.

Hide and Seek with Vanellope

To start the hide-and-seek game, Vanellope will ask you to wait in Scrooge’s shop. Next, you’ll need to find her in a “dark and dangerous” hiding spot. I discovered this is the Vitalyis Mines. So, head to the Sunlit Plateau and enter the mines.

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You’ll see a candy trail on the ground that you can follow. To get to her location quickly, simply head to the broken track area and take your first left — she’ll be waiting at the end of that path.

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After you’ve found her, you’ll play two more mini-games. First, you’ll race her out of the Mines, and it doesn’t matter who wins. Lastly, you’ll need to catch 3 fish out of the Sunlit Plateau river within 3 minutes. You’ll need to restart this part if you fail to meet the time limit. After catching all three fish, talk to Vanellope to complete the quest. 

Well, that’s it for our guide on Vanellope’s Ready Player Fun friendship level 4 quest. Check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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