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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Vanellope Extreme Biome Makeover Quest Walkthrough

The Extreme Biome Makeover quest is a great way to sweeten up your Valley.

Vanellope has raced her way into Disney Dreamlight Valley. Like any new villager, you’ll have new friendship quest content to discover, and Vanellope’s first friendship level 2 quest will bring you on a sweet decorating adventure. In this guide we’ll go over how to complete the Extreme Biome Makeover quest in DDV.

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How to Complete Vanellope Extreme Biome Makeover Quest

To start this quest you’ll need to reach friendship level 2 with Vanellope. I did so quickly by having a conversation with her, and gifting her a couple of flowers.

Vanellope Extreme Biome Makeover Step by Step

Here’s what you need to do to complete the Extreme Biome Makeover quest:

  • Talk to Vanellope.
  • Dig 10 holes with Royal Shovel anywhere in the Valley.
  • Plant 10 Candy Seeds.
  • Water 10 Candy Seeds with Royal Watering Can.
  • Harvest 10 Candy Cane Sprouts after one minute.
  • Bring the Candy Cane Sprouts to Vanellope.
  • Make a Candy Biome near Vanellope’s house by decorating with 50 Deluxe Sugar Cookie. Pavement, 5 Candy Cane Trees, and 5 Giant Lollipops.
  • Talk to Vanellope.
  • Prepare the Candy Kart Parts at a Cooking Station.
  • Sugar Kart Tail recipe:
    • Sugar Rush Tail Fudge
    • Wheat
    • Sugarcane
    • Butter
  • Sugar Kart Seat recipe:
    • Sugar Rush Seat Fudge
    • Wheat
    • Milk
    • Butter
  • Sugar Kart Wheel recipe:
    • Sugar Rush Wheel Fudge
    • Wheat
    • Sugarcane
    • Egg
  • Give the Kart Parts to Vanellope.
  • Gather Spare Parts from Wall-E’s house.
    • 3 Electronic Chip, 2 Spare Batteries
  • Ask Remy for glue.
  • Bring all Kart parts to Vanellope.
  • Completed!

Decorating with Candy

For the first leg of this adventure, you’ll need to dig holes for Candy Cane seeds. You can dig them anywhere in the Valley, because the Candy Canes you’ll be decorating with later will be provided separately.

After you harvest them all and talk to Vanellope, you can have some fun decorating with the Candy Cane Trees, Giant Lollipops, and Sugar Cookie Pavement — I had a blast turning my plaza into a makeshift Candy Land.

Making Vanellope’s Race Kart

After you’re done decorating, you’ll need to talk to Vanellope. She’ll tell you she needs a race kart — no surprise there! Vanellope will give you fudge, but you’ll need to purchase the remaining ingredients from Remy’s shop, or the correct Goofy stall. All dairy products are available in Remy’s shop, Wheat is at the Peaceful Meadow stall, and Sugarcane is at the Dazzle Beach stall.

Once you’ve got all of the ingredients, return to Vanellope. She’ll mention how the Kart needs power to drive it, and that Wall-E’s house is a good place to look. Head to Wall-E’s and collect the sparkling objects from the ground, I found them all on the ground of his house.

Lastly, you’ll need something to put all the pieces together. Unfortunately, you won’t be told exactly who to get kart glue from, but I discovered it’s chef Remy. So, you’ll need to find and speak with him to acquire the sugary glue necessary to put all of the parts together.

After you’ve got all of the remaining Kart parts, return to Vanellope and give them to her. She’ll say it’ll take some time for her to construct the Kart. Truth be told, the Kart is her friendship level 10 reward, so you’ll have to complete all of her friendship quests to receive it.

Well, that’s it for our guide on Vanellope’s Extreme Biome Makeover friendship level 2 quest. Check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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