With Great Power is a lengthy story quest you'll run into early on in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here's how to complete it and solve each puzzle.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: With Great Power Quest Walkthrough Guide

With Great Power is a lengthy story quest you'll run into early on in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here's how to complete it and solve each puzzle.

While Disney Dreamlight Valley has a lot in common with Animal Crossing, its quest system gives it a more robust story. You’ll receive loads of friendship quests from various characters, and there are a handful of main story quests that help open up new areas and characters. One of the more involved early quests is called “With Great Power,” which Merlin gives to you shortly after you open up Dazzle Beach.

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This Disney Dreamlight Valley guide will walk you through each step of the quest, from opening up Dazzle Beach to providing solutions for each of the four puzzles you’ll have to solve. 

How to Complete the With Great Power Quest

Unlocking Dazzle Beach costs 5,000 Dreamlight, so you’ll need to complete some tasks beforehand if you don’t have that much. Once you’ve unlocked the beach, talk to Merlin to start the With Great Power quest, which tasks you with investigating a mysterious cave.

To get to the first cave in the quest, head to the eastern side of Peaceful Meadow, and go down the entrance to the beach. Then head to your left and around the little sandbar to see the cave filled with darkness near the shore. 

Head inside, and talk to Ursula, who will give you a Crystal Key and tell you about the Mystical Cave you must investigate. Exit Ursula’s cave, turn right, and head straight toward the wall, just to the left side of the entrance you used to get to Dazzle Beach. It’s in the green patch on the beach on the map, behind the Friendship pillar.

You’ll see a door and a podium against the wall, which is where you put the Crystal Key. Now head inside and get ready to solve a few puzzles. 

Statue Puzzle Solution

Follow the path into the cave, and you’ll reach to a blocked door with three statues and a tablet you can read. The tablet reads: “Provide the gem that matches best to continue on your hero’s quest.” You must acquire three specific gems to insert into the statue of the corresponding color:

  • Blue Statue: Aquamarine.
    • Mined from rocks in Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valar.
  • Green Statue: Peridot.
    • Mined from rocks in Dazzle Beach and Peaceful Meadows.
  • Red Statue: Garnet.
    • Mined from rocks in Peaceful Meadows and the Plaza.

It’s a good idea to grab a friend that has the mining skill, then head to these areas and mine the black rocks against the walls. Once you’ve mined a rock, it will respawn in roughly 4-5 minutes, so you can loop back to try once again if you didn’t get the stones the first time.

With the gems in hand, head back to the cave and put them in the right statue slots, then proceed down the ramp to the next puzzle. 

Crop Puzzle Solution

The tablet at this puzzle reads: “Discover the right crops to grow to continue on below. One is underground, the other gold and brown. What remains is red and round.”

To solve this puzzle, you don’t need to put the crops in a specific order. Instead, you simply need to grow all three:

  • Carrot.
  • Wheat.
  • Tomato.

Here, growing means planting, watering, and collecting the crops. If you don’t have the necessary seeds, Carrots and Wheat can be purchased at Goofy’s Stall in Peaceful Meadow, while Tomato seeds can be bought at Goofy’s stall in Dazzle Beach. 

Once you’ve planted all three crops and watered them, you’ll need to wait for the produce to grow, so don’t be afraid to leave for a bit and come back. Once you pick all three plants, the barrier will disappear, and you can continue to the third puzzle. 

Cooking Puzzle Solution

This puzzle is the easiest. The tablet reads: “The final riddle, let it be known: to cook and eat what you have grown.” All you need to do is drop the Carrot, Wheat, and Tomato into the pot, which will make a Veggie Pasta. Then open up your menu, eat it, and voila, you’re at the last stage. 

Fishing Puzzle Solution

The last puzzle in this quest chain is to catch the Orb of Power using your fishing rod. Look into the little pool at the bottom of the area, and find the orange air bubble circle. Cast your line out and fish the spot to obtain the orb. To finish the quest, put the Orb of Power into the statue outside the cave

With Great Power Quest Rewards

For completing the With Great Power quest, you’ll get 1,000 Dreamlight as a reward … and you can continue on with the main story. 

That’s our walkthrough guide for the With Great Power quest. For even more tips and walkthroughs, make sure to check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub

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