Disney Mirrorverse: Best Characters Tier List

Disney Mirrorverse has 45 beloved characters at launch, and here is a tier list of the best of them.

Disney Mirrorverse has 45 beloved characters at launch, and here is a tier list of the best of them.
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There are 45 Disney characters at launch of Disney Mirrorverse, each with their own playstyle and role. It can be hard to figure out which you will want to use.

In this guide, we will go over the current best characters to bolster your progress in Disney Mirrorverse.

S-Tier Characters


  • Role: Ranged
  • Traits: Medium, Hi-Tech

The major power of Tron relies on two factors: devastating AoE attacks and ally debuffing.

His Bit Swarm ability is one of the best in the game, dealing additional 50% damage to all enemy units. While his Network Protection Protocols signature attack increases critical hit chance by 50%.

That’s a lot of power in the hands of just one character, you may want to reroll as many times as you need to get Tron.


  • Role: Melee
  • Traits: Medium, Seafaring, Royalty, Gravity Defying, Blade Wielder

Who would’ve though that the little mermaid Ariel could be the strongest melee character in Disney Mirrorverse. But here she is!

Her Raging Riptide attack produces 600% sweeping damage with a knockback effect, which also has a small chance of cleansing her from debuffs.

That is simply brutal, especially taking into account that she gains another damage bonus each time she cleanses her debuffs.

A-Tier Characters

Jack Skellington

  • Role: Support
  • Traits: Tall, Scary, Royalty, Leader

While most specialized characters offer one or two support features, Jack Skellington has them all under one skelly roof.

His Tricks and Treats ability covers all grounds, including buffing ally attacks, debuffing enemies, and healing all allies. In case you need to fully heal a single ally, then use his Holiday Spirit skill.

This means that Jack is an indispensable support character, with the only drawback that his own attacks aren’t very effective.

Mr. Incredible

  • Role: Tank
  • Traits: Tall, Leader, Lawful, Short Fuse

By default, Mr. Incredible is immune to all types of knockbacks except special ones. But he isn’t your typical tank who just stands there, on the contrary, he is very pro-active in terms of dealing damage.

His Unstoppable Justice ability grants him extra armor and allows him to punch a single target with 400% damage and apply a knockback effect.

Unfortunately he is susceptible to negative status effects, such as stun, root, and freeze.


  • Role: Ranged
  • Traits: Tall, Villainous, Short Fuse

Gaston carries a massive bow that can deal 300% damage to a single target. But what’s really special about him is that his Fatal Wound ability allows to increase this damage to 500% if the target was already damaged.

On top of that, there is a 15% bonus to critical hit chance in the similar case by default, so do not ignore this fine archer.

His biggest drawback is a complete lack of AoE attacks, but you can compensate this with other characters.

B-Tier Characters


  • Role: Melee
  • Traits: Medium, Villainous, Stealthy, Shapeshifting, Royalty

Scar is a more than decent melee attacker, as he is able to inflict wounds as well as inflict 300% damage to a single target.

What makes him really interesting is the Heal Block ability, which prevents wounded enemies from healing themselves or from being healed by others.

But other than that, Scar is nothing but a hard-hitter with not much else on board.

Hiro Hamada

  • Role: Support
  • Traits: Medium, Hi-Tech, Gravity Defying, Book Smart, Leader

Hiro is not an ordinary support character who just heals or buffs allies. Instead he offers allies an Interconnected Relay program, which allows him to connect to the allies in need and grant them his core abilities.

These include 10% attribute buffs, 25% damage resistance, and some minor healing. What’s cool about all this is that while Hiro is connected to someone else, both he and the ally get 50% attack buff. Again, this is unusual for supporters but can play a positive role in certain match-ups.


  • Role: Tank
  • Traits: Seafaring, Shapeshifting, Fiery

Maui is very similar in stats to Mr. Incredible, which makes him both a solid attacker and tank.

However, while Mr. Incredible mostly relies on his knockback skills, Maui is mostly focused on inflicting stuns. 

What makes Maui only a B-tier is the cooldown time of his special ability, which takes 12 seconds, while Mr. Incredible’s takes only 10 seconds.

Those are the best characters in Disney Mirrorverse. If you found this article useful, be sure to share it with your friends online!

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