Check out every character revealed so far for Square's Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Character Guide

Check out every character revealed so far for Square's Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Square Enix has partnered with TeamNinja to bring a port of the 2015 arcade game, Dissidia Final Fantasy NTto a whole new audience. This new evolution of squad based battles will release on January 30 2018, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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Like previous entries in the series, Dissidia Final Fantasy will consist of fast-paced, strategic brawls with over 20 classic Final Fantasy heroes and villains available as playable characters. Each character is assigned to one of the four classes in the game — Vanguard, Assassin, Marksman, or Specialist.

In an official announcement from publisher Square Enix, it was revealed that there will be no Story Mode and no cross play between Arcade and PS4. They added that the game will have a 3v3 battle system with additional PS4 exclusive set-ups.

Many Final Fantasy fans believe that the characters are the most important part of the series, some of these characters becoming iconic figures in their own right. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the classic characters this franchise has brought us, and maybe get to know a little more about some of the lesser known characters and their abilities within Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. 

Vanguard Class

The Vanguard class is made up of the heavy hitters of Final Fantasy. Unsurprisingly, they mostly favor huge swords that deal a great amount of damage.

Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)

This powerful swordsman is probably the most recognizable character in all of Final Fantasy. He can send enemies flying sword or deal a great amount of damage during charging attacks.

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

A legendary member of the SOLDIER mercenary group, this fallen hero wields the iconic sword, Masamune. This long bladed weapon allows Sephiroth to attack swiftly during combat.

Cecil Harvey (Final Fantasy IV)

Cecil Harvey is a mysterious man who calls upon the powers of Dark and Light. An expert in both swordsmanship and aerial combat, Cecil has the ability to switch between the two combat styles.

Firion (Final Fantasy II)

After both his biological and adoptive families were murdered, Firion became a determined warrior fighting for a world free of war. He uses an array of arms that he can combine together to unleash devastating combo attacks.

Garland (Final Fantasy)

The main antagonist of the original Final Fantasy, the Warrior of Chaos is equipped with a large sword that shape shifts during combat. 

Cloud of Darkness (Final Fantasy III)

This infernal manifestation wants nothing more than to return all of existance to the nothingness that is asceneded from. Using the Umbral Torrent ability, it gathers energy and emits a destructive beam attack.

Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy)

The Warrior of Light is a noble warrior that fears no one. He courageously wields his sword and shield, specializing in close to mid-range attacks.

Assassin Class

This class consists of the more agile and flexible fighters among the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT roster. Assassins are quick on their feet, able to swiftly dodge attacks, and strike with deadly precision.

 Noctis Lucis Caelum (Final Fantasy XV)

Prince Noctis is the heir to the throne of Lucian. He wields spectral weapons that he can conjure at will from thin air. This impressively versatile power is only possessed by those of his royal line.

Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

Fighting for what she believes is right, Lightning is an independent soldier with a kind and gentle heart. She has the ability to shift roles in combat between physical and magical attacks.

Jecht (Final Fantasy X)

Jecht can manoeuvre his way close to foes in order to attack with his signature brutality. Jecht’s EX skill can throw off his opponents’ timing leaving them vulnerable to his attacks.

Tidus (Final Fantasy X)

He is an agile fighter who can dodge attacks with ease. Tidus uses his sword in combination with a blitz ball to deal damage to enemies.

Kuja (Final Fantasy IX)

Known as the Angel of Death, Kuja attacks via spell casting and aerial attacks. He is the only character that is able to strike while gliding.

Zidane (Final Fantasy IX)

A thief with a cheerful personality and an unwavering willingness to help others. Full of energy, Zidane uses his grace and quick-thinking to help his team in battle — preferably during mid-air combat.


Kain Highwind (Final Fantasy IV)

Obsessed with dolling out justice, Kain’s capacity for compassion is matched only by his skill and speed in combat. He wields a deadly spear that he uses to gain the advantage over aerial foes. 

Marksman Class

This class is made up of characters specializing in ranged based spells and attacks. Marksman class characters are great at healing or buffing others.

Y’shtola (Final Fantasy XIV)

This talented long-range attacker supports her team with powerful spells that de-buff opponents. Y’shtola is a great support character that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Shantotto (Final Fantasy XI)

Although she may not look like much, Shantotto is a warrior fear for her aggressive and unpredictable attacks. She draws her strength from Bravery — the more she gains, the more powerful magic spells become.

Ultimecia (Final Fantasy VIII)

Ultimecia is a powerful sorceress who’s magical attacks increase in damage with each blow she lands. Her EX skill can be used to conquer her enemies by raining down powerful spells from any range.

Kefka Polazzo (Final Fantasy VI)

This colorful character is a powerful mage that has the ability to cast spells that target a large area. This powerful ability deals damage to anyone caught within its area of effect. 

The Emperor (Final Fantasy II)

By skilfully utilizing The Emperor’s abilities, you can corner your opponents by setting traps. Once such trap is his Starfall skill which can bind enemies for a long time.

Ace (Final Fantasy Type-0)

While Ace is wise beyond his years, he has been known to be reckless at times. His go-to weapon is his deck of playing cards that he throws from a distance to gain an advantage over his opponents with inferior range.

Terra Branford (Final Fantasy VI)

Another long-range spellcaster, Terra has a variety of projectile based magic attacks. She can fire multiple projectiles against a single opponent or choose from a selection of advanced spells that can severely hurt her target.

Specialist Class

Members of this unique class are able to use strong melee attacks in addition to casting magic spells. This make them great all round fighters that can be useful in a variety of situations.

Vaan (Final Fantasy XII)

Vaan is skilled in using a variety of weapons. He’s also super reliable as he always aids his friends in battle.

Bartz Klauser (Final Fantasy V)

Bartz is a warrior with a very focused goal — to balance out the right and wrongs of life. He lands stronger attacks the more they are used in battle.

Onion Knight (Final Fantasy III)

Onion Knight may be the youngest warrior, but he possesses great strength and speed. His mastery of sword and magic makes him very useful in battle.

Ramza Beoulve (Final Fantasy Tactics)

In order to prove his worth, Ramza protects and fights for others. He achieves this by using magic to strengthen and buff the entire party. 


Like most Final Fantasy games, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT features Summons. These magnificent creatures help to fight your opponents in battle, with each Summon having its own set of powerful abilities. These summons play a major role in the game and have continued to grace the Final Fantasy series throughout the years.


The ice-elemental Summon known as the Empress of Ice. She is also known for her signature move, Diamond Dust, which deals ice-elemental damage and freezes everything in an instant.


The fire-elemental summon. A powerful demon that controls fire to scorch enemies. His signature move, Hellfire, attacks all opponents on the battlefield.


The ageless mage, Ramuh, is the lighting-elemental. He appears as an old man with a staff, which he uses to call down thunder to destroy the enemy. His signature move is Judgement Bolt.


This legendary knight rides his horse, Sleipnir, to deliver a crushing blow to his enemies. Odin’s signature move is Zantetsuken, which allows him to cut through enemies, inflicting instant death.


This incredible large sea-serpent controls water and all who dwell in the oceans. This water-elemental has a signature move called Tsunami to call forth a massive tidal wave that does damage to all enemies.


This ancient mechanical tank is infused with ancient power. It’s signature move is Divine Judgement which deals holy damage to all enemies.


This conqueror of the skies is one of the strongest among the summons. His signature move, Mega Flare, is a breath of energy that turns into a beam which deals non-elemental damage to his enemies. This move ignores defences and evasions.

That’s all of the characters announced so far, but expect more to come before the January 30 release date. What do you think of the roster so far? Are there any glaring omissions you think should be included? Let us know in the comments below!

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