From Cloud Strife to Squall Leonhart and Ramza Beoulve, you need to know which characters are easiest to play(or more difficult) in the Dissidia FF NT character tier rankings!

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Character Tier List

From Cloud Strife to Squall Leonhart and Ramza Beoulve, you need to know which characters are easiest to play(or more difficult) in the Dissidia FF NT character tier rankings!
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Finally making the leap to PS4 in North America, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT brings together 28 different characters from FF history into one game so they can wallop one another in massive 3vs3 battles!

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Starting all the way with Garland from the very first Final Fantasy up to Noctis from FFXV, there’s no shortage of villains and heroes to choose from in this fast-paced beat ’em up.

Wondering who you should be picking in your first Dissidia NT battles? With different class types and varying attack speeds and distances, there are some clear winners and losers in the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT character tier list. Let’s get into it!

The Dissidia FF NT Tier List Breakdown

Although essentially in the same overall genre, the Dissidia series plays out quite a bit differently from either the standard 1vs1 or even 3vs3 fighting game, so ranking characters involves a lot more than just pure stats or even player skill.

The poise system assigns a priority to attacks based on the overall character type, such as Vanguard or Assassin. While poise can change based on individual attacks, this is the basic breakdown of poise attack precedence in NT:

Vanguard < Assassin < Specialist < Marksman

What this means is that — all other things being equal — if a Vanguard and a Marksman launch bravery attacks at one another at the same time, the Vanguard’s attack will take precedence and land, while the Marksman won’t hit you.

So while a Marksman can potentially take down a Vanguard from afar if positioned properly or teaming up with an ally, in a straight up melee beat down, the Vanguard is usually going to fare better.

That might make it seem like Vanguards are usually a better all-around option in NT, and that is in fact true, but compiling a character tier list is complicated by several factors. The first and foremost being that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT isn’t the typical side-view fighting game where one character faces off against one other character in a limited space.

As a 3vs3 game with six characters on the screen running around a 3D world and ganging up on each other, it doesn’t matter nearly as much to try finding one “best” character. Even if you pick the objectively strongest character, there are so many variables in the frenzied combat that it doesn’t guarantee success. Having an unbalanced team of all the same character type where players aren’t helping each other can completely ruin any character tier ranking very quickly.

This is all further complicated by the fact that each character can choose different load outs of EX skills and summons, so playing against Cloud in one match might be quite a bit different from playing against Cloud in the next one. The same goes for Squall, etc. Which team gets their summon off first will also quickly unbalance the match.

Dissidia NT's Characters stand ready to fight There’s a whole lot of iconic Final Fantasy characters to choose from here!

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Character Tier List

While more characters from across Final Fantasy history are expected to come to Dissidia NT in future DLC, at launch, all characters are immediately available and don’t require any special unlocks or purchases.

Characters are ranked from S (best overall in most situations in solo or team play) to A (great in most circumstances but can be overcome by specific foils) to B (less useful in solo or team unless you’ve mastered their abilities or learned to combo well with other players to be most effective).

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT S-Tier Characters
Character Type
Garland  Vanguard 
Cloud Strife Vanguard 
Warrior Of Light  Vanguard 
 Sepiroth Vanguard 
 Ace  Marksman
 Lightning  Assassin
 Kain Assassin
 Tidus Assassin 
   Vaan    Specialist
 Bartz  Specialist


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT A-Tier Characters 
Character Type
 Cecil  Vanguard
 Cloud Of Darkness  Vanguard
 Firion  Vanguard
 Terra  Marksman
 Y’shtola  Marksman
 Kefka  Marksman
 Shantotto  Marksman
  Kuja  Assassin
  Noctis  Assassin
 Squall  Assassin 
  Zidane  Assassin 
Exdeath Specialist 
 Onion Knight Specialist 


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT B-Tier Characters
Character Type
 Emperor  Marksman
  Ultimecia  Marksman 
Golbez  Marksman 
 Jecht  Assassin
 Ramza Specialist 


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's Character select screen While his Fake Out can be used strategically,
on the whole Jecht feels less useful

What do you think of our rankings, and how would you put together your Dissidia FF NT character ranks?

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