Having a hard time activating Squall triggers in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT? Here's a quick guide to help you out.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT — Squall Trigger Guide

Having a hard time activating Squall triggers in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT? Here's a quick guide to help you out.
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Whether you are a fighting games fan or a Final Fantasy fan, you definitely want to try out the new Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which was just released worldwide on PS4.

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The game includes many important characters from the entire Final Fantasy series, and will ultimately end up at 50 characters as more will be added to the roster. However, one of the most exciting new characters currently in the game is Squall Leonheart, who was originally introduced in Final Fantasy VIII

Squall’s attack triggers are quite tricky, especially if you’ve never played Dissidia before. If you want to know how to make these special triggers work, then follow our quick guide below.

How to Use the Squall Trigger in Dissidia NT

In order to activate the Squall trigger during an attack, you need to press the X button (or any other button you’ve assigned for attack) at the end of each attack. However, the window for this trigger is extremely tight — only three frames.

This means that you will have to bypass three problems: input lag, screen lag, and online connection lag. As you can see, all this makes the execution of the Squall trigger even harder.

Fortunately, you can activate a metronome in Dissidia‘s menu and simply follow the rhythm of your attacks. The metronome will signal at what point you can activate the Squall trigger during attacks. This method will require some training, but as soon as you master it, you will have no problem executing your high-damage attacks.

For example, if you’re using the Savage Claw ability, you need to set your metronome to 145 BPM and tap the attack button on each beat as precisely as possible. You will notice that it easier to squeeze into those three frames using this simple method.

You can also use the Solid Barrel and Upper Blues on the same speed, as these attacks are almost entirely similar in execution. You can also try out faster rhythms, such as 175 or 190 BPM for Beat Fang, which should guarantee you the last two triggers.

Hopefully, this guide helped you master the Squall triggers, so be sure to come back soon for more Dissidia Final Fantasy NT guides here at GameSkinny! Here are a few to get you started: 

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