A strategic guide to special moves in Divekick.

Divekick special moves guide

A strategic guide to special moves in Divekick.

This is a strategic guide to each character’s special moves in Divekick. If you don’t know how to perform special moves yet, head over to my kick meter guide for a quick rundown of the basics.

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Each character has two specials, a ground and an aerial. For most characters, one special is unlocked early and can be used in a pinch. The second special is usually unlocked with a meter over half full, and can really turn the game around if used correctly.


Special 1: Terminal Velocity (Aerial)

This move makes Dive fall twice as fast.

It can be used defensively to avoid attacks while in the air. Because a kick can be executed in the middle of a fall, this can also be used offensively to quickly pounce on opponents.

Special 2: Parabolic Arc (Ground)

Makes Dive jump forward in an arc.

Since Dive can be played defensively, this is a good move to go on the offense and surprise the enemy. Parabolic Arc can also be used to avoid horizontal strikes from enemies like Kung Pao.


Special 1: Party Starter (Ground)

Kick stomps the ground.

He can stun an enemy on the ground with this move. It has a windup and is risky without careful timing. Kick can also use this move to force a defensive opponent into the air.

Special 2: New Angle (Aerial)

A faster kick.

When pushing the enemy back, use this to finish them off. New Angle can also be used in an emergency to avoid mid-air headshots.

Kung Pao

Special 1: Crack Kick (Ground)

Kung Pao has a two-part special. The first is to lay a portal down wherever you’d like, preferably in a spot closer to the far end of the map. The opponent can destroy this portal with a kick, though, so refrain from laying down a portal right away unless you’re using it as a bait tactic.

Special 2: Dimension Break (Aerial)

The second part of the special move that can only be accessed at half meter. Kung Pao enters a portal at her current location and exits where the crack was placed. This can be used for a surprise attack or as an evasion tactic.

If there is no crack, Kung Pao will merely exit from the same portal after a brief pause. Using the move in this way is not recommended for combat, as it allows the opponent to set up an attack. If timed correctly, though, this move can be used to win a timeout standoff at the last second, since she is invulnerable while in the portal.

Mr. N

Special 1: GTFO (Ground)

Mr. N’s hitbox and angle of attack doesn’t leave much room for error. If you do make a mistake, it might be time to GTFO.

Hold down to extend the run, or else set up Mr. N in the perfect spot for a counterattack.

This move is unlocked at the same time as Mr. N’s air special.

Special 2: Marneto (Aerial)

Mr. N pretends he’s Magneto and floats in the air.

This move is another in which holding down the special buttons will increase the duration of the move. Marneto can be used multiple times in one jump and can really mess with your opponent’s anticipation game. Keep in mind, though, it can also make you a sitting (floating) duck if used at the wrong time.


Special 1: Feral Stance (Ground)

Redacted crouches down and growls.

This special can be held down for a longer duration but doesn’t eat up any meter. Use it to avoid headshots and horizontal strikes.

Special 2: Cornered Beast (Aerial)

Redacted jumps back and grabs the wall.

Use this as an evasive maneuver. You can use dive to jump back into the fray or kick to quickly drop from the wall.

Dr. Shoals

Special 1: Brilliant Escape (Ground)

Dr. Shoals flies back and up with her jet boots.

This move is used evasively and can be held down to increase duration. The advantages it has over a kickback are its distance and vertical movement. Dr. Shoals may have a chance to counter with a kick if the opponent goes in too hard.

This move is unlocked at the same time as Dr. Shoals’ air special.

Special 2: Death from Above (Aerial)

Dr. Shoals activates her jet boots to hover around.

Pressing special will activate the boots, and pressing it again will deactivate them. Dr. Shoals can move around while using this ability. Pressing the dive button moves her left and kick will move her right. She is unable to kick until the boots are deactivated either manually or from a depleted meter.

The real advantage Dr. Shoals has in using this move is her insanely high dive distance. She can keep out of reach for a time and counter at will. However, using this move offensively can be difficult. If it takes too long to set up an attack, an opponent can set up a counter and knock her out of the sky.

This move can also be useful during a struggle over the timeout bar.

Uncle Sensei

Special 1: Stance Dance (Aerial)

Uncle Sensei changes his stance in mid-air. Why in mid-air? Try kicking and using it.

Uncle Sensei can completely change the trajectory of his attack in mid-kick. This is the “One True Move” for Uncle Sensei. Use it frequently and keep your opponent guessing.

Special 2: Super Jump (Ground)

Uncle Sensei jumps really high.

This move is fantastic for evading attacks, but it’s also pretty good for getting the drop on floaty characters like Dr. Shoals and Mr. N.


Special 1: Disqualification (Aerial)

Jefailey pulls out a megaphone and shouts at his opponent.

This move does one thing well: deflating an opponent’s momentum. It depletes their meter and can cancel out a Kick Factor.

Special 2: Timer Scam (Ground)

Jefailey pulls out a bobble head to distract the opponent.

This move is used for timeout struggles. It can be used to deplete a Kick Factor, but disqualification costs less if you can pull it off. Jefailey can charge his kick while this special is being used.

The Baz

Special 1: Bazkousen (Aerial)

Baz spins in the air then flies in a direction, leaving a trail of lightning behind him. Only the lightning itself can hurt the opponent.

This is a trap move and not necessarily used to directly attack the enemy. To select the angle of this move, hold down the button and The Baz will spin. Release the special button and he will fly in the direction he is facing.

The Baz can use this move to lay a deadly net for an enemy to fall on, or it can be used to manage the opponent and corral him into a corner.

Special 2: The Shocker (Ground)

The Baz gets hit with a bolt of lightning.

Anyone who hits The Baz or the lightning bolt during this special gets fried. Good for countering.


Special 1: Search (Ground)

Markman checks his pockets and throws a random item at the opponent.

This move does not cost any meter, but it can affect Markman and has a slow windup, so it’s best used from afar. The plus side is that the opponent will be kept guessing as well. It’s also the only way to get Kickbox pieces to unlock Precision Control mode and the Upkick maneuver. Items have a limited duration, but they do carry over into the next round. Here are the things he might find:

  • Bottle of Chemistry: Creates a green cloud that drains meter.
  • Bottle of Glue: Creates a sticky spot that immobilizes whoever stands on it. Great opportunity for a kill if it hits.
  • Bottle of Oil: Creates a slick spot which causes the fighter to slip. While mostly a deterrent, it can be purposely used to slip to an advantageous position.
  • Spring: Throws a spring that launches a fighter high into the air.
  • Micro Black Hole: Markman begins thinking with portals. This creates a black hole that warps the fighter to the top of the screen, only to fall back into it. A kick can dislodge the fighter from this trap, though it’s difficult for either Markman or the opponent to plan an attack or counter attack.
  • Piece of the Kickbox: Markman finds one of three pieces of the Kickbox.
Special 2: Feint (Aerial)

Markman dives backwards in mid-air.

This can be used for evasion, particularly to cancel a poorly-timed kick that would have gotten Markman killed. Markman can kick again after using this move.

Special 3: Upkick (Precision Control Mode)

If Markman manages to find all three pieces of the Kickbox, he will enter Precision Control Mode, which is a mode similar to Kick Factor in which the meter slowly drains. Both of his specials will be replaced by Upkick, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Upkick can be used at any time, but takes up a good portion of Markman’s draining meter. Use this move aggressively but wisely.


Special 1: Flame Bait (Aerial)

Stream barfs a fireball onto the ground.

The fireball sits on the ground and drains Stream’s meter. If the opponent touches the fire, he leaps into the air. If Stream touches it, he catches fire. While on fire, Stream’s hitbox increases. He can annihilate his enemy during this state, but only if his meter lasts long enough. If the fire runs out mid-kick, not much will save Stream from a counterattack.

Try to use this move from a low altitude and with high meter to maximize meter time. Only use the fireball from up high if you’re sure you’ll hit the enemy with a direct fire barf.

Special 2: Spooby PLS (Ground)

Stream is replaced by an image of himself buffering

The image itself is not Stream. While Stream’s meter holds out, he is completely invisible. He can still dive and kick, though, so this move can be great for sneak attacking the enemy.

Spooby PLS can be deactivated by pressing special again while on the ground.


Special 1: Parry (Ground)

S-Kill puts his arm out. If he is hit, he will teleport in the perfect position for a headshot.

This is a basic counter move. If used at the wrong time, S-Kill is completely open to punishment. If used at the right time, it’s an instant headshot. This move is unlocked early and its very existence will keep opponents from hitting S-Kill while he’s on the ground. This gives him a chance to play defensively and charge his meter. Keep in mind S-Kill has a double jump and may stay in the air longer than you’d like.

Special 2: Trick (Aerial)

S-Kill teleports into headshot position.

This move is devastating and will usually land a headshot on any unwary opponent.


Special 1: Spirit Bullet (Pulse) (Ground)

Kenny places a ball of light in front of him.

The Spirit Bullet stuns any enemy who touches it. This is a trap move with limited use. One option is to kickback and use the special where you once were. If the opponent is trying to get close, this can work as either a trap or deterrent.

Special 2: Spirit Bullet (Homing) (Aerial)

This Spirit Bullet slowly follows the enemy. If it hits, the enemy is trapped for a moment.

A more practical version of the Spirit Bullet that drains meter over time. Kenny can fire multiple Spirit Bullets, but they will drain the meter faster.

Johnny Gat

Special 1: Black Hole Launcher (Aerial)

Johnny Gat fires a black hole from a gun, thus maintaining his title as the King of Mayhem.

Firing a black hole doesn’t do any actual damage, but it’s good for controlling the field. It acts as a barrier to slow down the enemy and can be a good opportunity to charge up your meter.

Special 2: Valet Service (Ground)
If all else fails, throw a car at him.
If this move hits, the opponent loses. If it misses, it still forces the enemy dive, which can be advantageous in managing the fight. This special automatically launches you into the air, too, so keep that in mind when planning the next attack.

That’s all the specials, but it’s not everything there is to Divekick. Ultimately, practice makes perfect. Remember to use these moves wisely and avoid fraud detection at all cost!

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