Divinity: Original Sin Quest Guide – The Philosopher

The answers to Nemris's questions in The Philosopher quest in Cyseal.

The answers to Nemris's questions in The Philosopher quest in Cyseal.

This is one Divinity: Original Sin quest that is not easily taken care of even if you have a keen eye, if simply because one aspect of it is bugged. Luckily enough, you can still progress despite this issue.

The ghost of Nemris, a famous philosopher who claims his works to be found in every library across the land, wants you to read his greatest work, Philosophy of Death. The quest itself can be started by digging up a particular grave in Cyseal’s graveyard.

Normally this would be a straightforward quest to finish, but the book itself has no words within. This is not intentional, and hopefully later builds of the game will address this issue. If you would like to see for yourself, you can find Philosophy of Death in the library above the mayor’s home.

Even if you can’t read the text, you can still complete this quest as Nemris will still ask if you are prepared for his test. The questions posed and their answers can be found below. Do note you should have your partner character agree with your choices to avoid potentially arguing over the answers and getting them wrong. You do not get any second chances at answering his questions.

Answers to Nemris’s questions

Question: “Between life and death, death is the greater force, so argues the clergyman. Is he correct?”
Answer: “Of course not.”

Question: “Let us proceed. Life is life’s own goal: the question that is itself the answer. Good! Now I am unburdened of all worries, am I not?”
Answer: “Not entirely, no.”

Question: “Last query. Boldly do I scorn the bonds of faith and fear. Death I dub thee life’s equal! Is this my salvation or my undoing?”
Answer: “Your salvation.”

Provide him with the answers seen above and he will reward your party with a nice chunk of EXP.

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