Does Dave the Diver Have Multiplayer? Answered

Does Dave the Diver have multiplayer or not?

Exploring the ocean can be a lonely job, and having someone along would make the deep, dark abyss a little friendlier. Indeed, serving customers delectable seafood together would be fun, too! So, does Dave the Diver have multiplayer so you can play with friends and family?

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Dave the Diver Multiplayer Explained

Whether online or local, multiplayer modes provide exciting replayability to the game. Just look at titles that include whipping up delicious dishes like Overcooked and Cook, Server, Delicious. Since Dave the Diver also puts you in the role of chef, it’s enticing to think playing with friends would be an option here.

Unfortunately, Dave the Diver doesn’t currently have a multiplayer mode. Local couch co-op and online co-op aren’t available, and there aren’t any features in the game that emulate this experience. Neither the Steam page for the game nor developer MintRocket has confirmed co-op as a possibility in future updates. Dave the Diver, so far, remains a casual single-player experience.


Will Dave the Diver Have Multiplayer in the Future?

While the developers haven’t confirmed any plans to implement multiplayer in Dave the Diver, the community has been wondering what such a mode would look like. The game’s mechanics can, in some cases, allow two players to explore together, like in the ocean-delving parts. However, the maps are quite small and are geared toward a single-player experience. I can imagine them getting crowded, especially against larger bosses (even if I’m all for co-op being added).

Realistically speaking, the game isn’t just about ocean exploration and there are many elements and mini-games that can’t support co-op, either. While cooking recipes is admittedly fun, I don’t see a way to add another chef in the kitchen. Maybe in Dave the Diver 2?

While Dave the Diver doesn’t have multiplayer, a sequel of the game can potentially implement this feature. For now, however, you’ll have to brave the deep by yourself. Check out our other guides on the game for more articles like top 10 similar titles to Dave the Diver.

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