Does EA FC 24 Have Crossplay and Cross Progression? Answered

Does EA Sports FC 24 have crossplay and cross progression between platforms?

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For EA Sports’ iconic football sim, a new era is upon us. After years of being an officially licensed product by FIFA itself, EA has decided to ditch its classic FIFA branding ahead of its latest installment, EA FC 24. Naturally, fans of the series are wondering what kind of changes will be made along with its renaming, and many questions pertain to crossplay and cross-progression. Here, we’ll answer the question: does EA FC 24 have crossplay and cross progression?

Does EA FC 24 Have Crossplay and Cross Progression? Answered

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As gaming has gotten further into its ninth generation, crossplay — the ability to play games against players on gaming platforms other than your own — has become the standard for most multiplayer titles. EA FC 24 is no different in this regard. In short, here’s what you need to know about EA FC 24 crossplay and cross progression:

  • EA FC 24 will have crossplay (sans Switch).
  • EA FC 24 won’t have cross progression.

EA FC 24 Crossplay and Cross Progression Explained

For the second straight year in series history, EA FC 24 has crossplay between players in various multiplayer modes. In EA FC 24, crossplay will be permitted so long as players are on the same generation of platform.

This means that players on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC will be able to play each other. Players on the old generation platforms, such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will be limited to playing each other. Cross-generation functions won’t be instituted. Nintendo Switch players will not have cross-play available to them.

Furthermore, EA FC 24 will be expanding cross-play across all of its multiplayer modes. While the series’ previous entry — FIFA 23 — only allowed cross-play on Ultimate Team, EA FC 24 will be expanding cross-play to include modes such as Pro Clubs, VOLTA, Ultimate Team Co-Op, and Co-Op Seasons. No matter what game mode you’re on, you’ll be able to match up against players on other platforms.

With cross-play getting a universal overhaul in this year’s entry, many players might be wondering whether or not EA FC 24 will allow players who have multiple platforms cross-progression. Unfortunately, EA FC 24 will not have cross-progression. This means that any progress made on one platform cannot be transferred to another. So if you’re planning on playing EA FC 24, it’s best you stick to one platform should you wish to get as much progression as possible.

That answers the question of whether EA FC 24 will have crossplay and cross progression. Be sure to stay tuned to GameSkinny for more EA FC 24 guides like these!

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