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Does For the King 2 Have Crossplay? Answered

Having in mind the original, does For The King 2 have crossplay?

With the launch of For the King 2, a cooperative turn-based rogue-lite, players are wondering about console releases and crossplay. So does For the King 2 have crossplay?

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While For the King can be played in local or online co-op mode with four people on a PC, we cannot help but wonder whether a console release is planned. And, will players on PC be able to play with those on consoles?

For the King 2: Does It Have Crossplay?

IronOak Games have indeed confirmed that For the King 2 is coming on consoles in 2024 via their X/Twitter feed. As for crossplay, nothing has been revealed so far. The original did support crossplay between Steam and Epic so this would be expected.

Furthermore, I’ve high hopes that console crossplay will also be a feature. IronOak has stated in the past or Reddit that they wish for better console compatibility with the sequel. This remains to be seen in 2024 as for now they’re focusing on hotfixes for PC’s online co-op.

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The Future of For the King 2

I think it’d be safe to say that the game will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X along with Series S judging from the original. Crossplay amongst these platforms would drastically boost the lifespan and replayability of the game. It’d be a shame to waste that 4-player co-op system with isolated platforms.

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