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Does Last Epoch Have Transmog?

Find out if Last Epoch has Transmog here.

Transmog is an amazing feature that lets you keep the stats of high-level gear while maintaining the appearance of another item. In a game like Last Epoch, you’ll always be discovering new loot to pick up. So, does Last Epoch have Transmog? Find out here.

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Does Last Epoch Have Transmog? Answered

At the time of writing, Last Epoch doesn’t have transmog. However, the playerbase hopes to see the feature added once the game exits the beta phase and heads into 1.0 and beyond. Interestingly enough, you can already browse purchasable cosmetics from the game’s menu. So, you can alter the appearance of your character through in-game microtransactions. However, whether or not Eleventh Hour Games decides to add transmog to other items is up in the air for now.

The last official statement I was able to dig up regarding transmog was from the LE forums back in May 2021. Game director Moxjet200” stated:

“…[Eleventh Hour Games] very much want to be able to transmog as well. The [Last Epoch] system will support it because of cosmetic MTX… I’m comfortable saying you can expect it in the future, though. The cosmetics just haven’t been the primary focus as we’re still developing classes and progression systems.”

Considering the game doesn’t have character customization, I yearn for the ability to tinker with my in-game fashion. Even so, Last Epoch is a big feat for a small team of developers, and with the plan to have seasons and support for years post-launch, they’ll need to have the financial backing to do so. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if they leave transmog on the back burner to motivate players to make in-game purchases for the time being. Regardless, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for implementation in the future.

That answers whether or not Last Epoch has transmog, at least for now. Stay tuned with us at our guides hub for more tips and tricks as we approach 1.0 and beyond, such as how to check the game’s server status and downtime windows, as well as how to fix things if you’re stuck on a loading screen.

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