Does Lords of the Fallen 2023 Have Mods? Answered

Lords of the Fallen just came out, but are there mods for it already?

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Lords of the Fallen is the hot new souls-like that feels in many ways the true successor to Dark Souls 3. Whether it’s the creepy, gothic atmosphere, the stunningly gorgeous graphics, or the tough-as-nails combat, the spirit of the Souls games is in full force in the best way. Unfortunately, the game has been met with some technical issues and, of course, the PC community can always think of visual and mechanical improvements. It’s modding time, but does Lords of the Fallen 2023 have mods?

Does Lords of the Fallen 2023 Have Mods?

If you’re on PC, you’re in luck because mods are already rolling out. Some of them are well worth the try. The current issues with Lords of the Fallen are almost strictly in the performance department.

There are a few fixes for the game’s optimization so far, but there is an already popular mod that can help us out big time. This mod gets rid of all those big and little issues with performance and works on GPUs of all kinds, so if you’re looking for mods in that department, that’s the way to start.

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For those looking for things like content mods or gameplay mods, I beg thee, have some patience. Content mods will likely be difficult with this game, but gameplay mods should be easier to implement. Elden Ring has tons of mods that add new weapons, randomize bosses, and even completely fix the co-op.

Speaking of co-op, Lords of the Fallen is in dire need of a fix there. Currently, it’s impossible to play co-op on any sort of equal ground. Your guest only gets a third the experience and can’t pick up world items or boss items. For a game this filled with challenging enemies and massive mobs to deal with, It’s a baffling decision. Many have shrugged it off due to it being “just like Souls games,” but it’s 2023. Co-op should be done better than this, and mods can hopefully manage that.

We’re only in the first week, so be patient. At least now you know whether there are mods for Lords of the Fallen. The repository of them will only grow and will hopefully improve what is already a fantastic game. For more on Lords of the Fallen, check out our guides section.

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