Does Party Animals Have Cross-Platform Play? Answered

Every party game should have cross-play, right? Here's what you need to know about cross-platform play in Party Animals.

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Thanks to Game Pass, cross-platform play between Xbox platforms and PC is becoming increasingly common. No Xbox Series X|S owner will complain about that, considering the lion’s share of players will always be on PC. Party Animals is the latest multiplayer title to hit Xbox platforms (including Xbox One). In this guide, we’ll go over the cross-platform play options in Party Animals.

Does Party Animals Have Cross-Platform Play? Answered

Considering the games it takes inspiration from, such as Gang Beasts, it should come as no surprise that Party Animals has cross-platform play. Players on PC via Steam and the Microsoft store can play with those on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S without any hassle. That’s largely thanks to the game’s account system.

How to Do Cross-platform Play in Party Animals

Since you use a unique account in Party Animals, all you need to do to play with friends on other platforms is to add them using their unique in-game ID. Select the friend icon at the bottom right of the screen in the main menu or anywhere else (except in a match). Then select “Add New” to add a friend to your friend list. You’ll be able to invite them to your lobbies from there.

Does Party Animals Have Cross-platform Progression?

This is where things get a little less convenient. Unfortunately, Party Animals does not have any sort of cross-platform progression sharing. This means your unlocks and level on one platform won’t carry over to the next. You’ll need to make a fresh ID to play.

Most games that have this sort of crossplay but use their own unique account systems have this downside to their cross-platform capabilities. At least it doesn’t impact your ability to play the game with people on other platforms. That’s more important than being able to bring your save data from one platform to the next.

That’s all you need to know about cross-play in Party Animals. Look for more guides on the multiplayer physics brawler here on GameSkinny.

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