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Does Virginia Need Ammo in Sons of the Forest?

Does Virginia need ammo in Sons of the Forest for the pistol and shotgun she's able to wield? Here, that question is answered.

Virginia is a useful ally to have in Sons of the Forest. Her ability to wield a shotgun and pistol at the same time means you’ll want to befriend Virginia if you haven’t. But you might be wondering: does Virginia need ammo to shoot cannibals, or is she able to help you fight enemies infinitely without worrying about how many bullets she has left?

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Does Virginia Run Out of Ammo in Sons of the Forest?

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The answer to whether Virginia needs ammo in Sons of the Forest is, no: you don’t need to give ammo to Virginia. She doesn’t run out of ammo, and you don’t need to supply her with any to begin with. While this could be changed in future versions of the game, as of the night before 1.0 releases, she can fire the guns you give her without running out of bullets.

Considering how many enemies you can find yourself facing at various points in Sons of the Forest, it might come as a relief that you don’t need to sacrifice your own ammo to keep your companions stocked and ready.

This is particularly useful since the ammo packs found on Site 2 tend not to have a lot of bullets in each pack, are fairly scarce, and you can go through plenty of ammo without realizing it depending on which type of cannibal or mutant you’re up against.

Should I Give Virginia a Pistol or Shotgun?

Well, both! Because Virginia has three arms, she can wield a Shotgun and Pistol at the same time. This makes her great at providing ranged support against enemies. And since she never runs out of ammo, I give her both guns instead of using them myself. I prefer melee weapons, and this way, I don’t need to consider the limitations of ammo supplies.

Once you befriend Virginia, she’ll bring you gifts like fish or berries, but you can also gift her a shotgun, pistol, or both to have her start helping you fight against enemies. In our Sons of the Forest guide hub, we tell you where to find 9mm Pistol Ammo and how to get the pistol so you can hand it off to Virginia with her infinite ammo ability.

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