Found yourself lost at sea with no food or shelter? We show you how to stay alive and most importantly... not starve!

Don’t Starve Mega Pack: Surviving In Shipwrecked

Found yourself lost at sea with no food or shelter? We show you how to stay alive and most importantly... not starve!

Don’t Starve is essentially the ultimate survival game where you’ll have loads of fun freezing, starving, and getting beaten to death with your friends — and the graphics are adorable to boot.

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The Mega Pack is now here and players across all platforms have access to the complete Don’t Starve Together experience, from the base game to the multiplayer addition and the two major expansions.

We’ve previously explored plenty of awesome tips for surviving your first night in the base game, so below we’re focusing on the Shipwrecked portion of the Mega Pack, which is the most different from the base Don’t Starve experience.

Surviving The First Few Shipwrecked Days in Don’t Starve

On the Shipwrecked side of the Mega Pack, the island you spawn on could have few to no critical resources needed in the early to mid-game. Oh well, guess you starve and try again — or instead rush to build that first raft and hope you fare better on the next island.

The first order of business is to scout the island to see how dire the situation has become right from the start. There should be enough resources to build a Thatch Pack (4x Palm Leaves) for expanding your starting inventory space.

By the second day, you absolutely need to craft a Machete (1x Twig, 3x Flint) to make both fighting and harvesting resources easier. Don’t forget — it breaks after 100 whacks against trees or animals!

Before leaving our first island home, its time to build a raft (4x Bamboo, 3x Vines). If you’re playing as Walani, you can use the starting surf board instead, but eventually you will still want to build a better sea craft.

 Building A Raft

Exploring The High Seas

While out on the open ocean, you should look for a medium-to-large sized island to fortify as your main defensive base of operations while exploring other areas. Be on the lookout for lots of resources to exploit over time — and if there’s water beefalo, even better!

Once you’ve hit another suitable island, look for gold to mine so you can build a Science Machine (1x Gold Nugget, 4x Logs, 4x Rocks) for crafting and prototyping new recipes.

From there, mine more gold to upgrade to an Alchemy Engine (4x Boards, 2x Cut Boards, 6x Gold Nuggets) as soon as you are able.

Along the way to building an Alchemy Engine, you should procure enough resources to put together a Crock Pot (3x Cut Stone, 6x Charcoal, 6x Twigs), which is a must for not starving.

 Mining Gold

Preparing For Hurricane Season

Explore as much as you can in the first 15 – 20 days before hurricane season arrives, as you have more day time and no constant hazards, like high winds and lightning strikes.

Before the hurricane season starts, make sure to build a Chiminea (2x Limestone, 2x Sand, 2x Logs), which is a better option than the standard Firepit, because it won’t get flooded during hurricane season or blown out by strong winds.

Make sure you don’t build any of your structures or objects near the ocean line. Your objects will eventually be flooded during hurricane season and that’s a lot of wasted resources.

Lightning also strikes constantly during hurricane season, so craft a Lightning Rod (3x Gold Nuggets, 1x Cut Stone) sometime after building your Science Machine to prevent out of control fires and provide more light.

Final Parting Tips

With those basic structures and objects crafted, it’s up to you to decide where you want to go and how you will survive! But there’s just a few other Don’t Starve Mega Pack tips you need to know to have an edge:

  • Monkeys will try to steal items from you — keep those little rascals away from you!
  • Crabbits will eat food left on the ground, so snatch it up first!
  • Need poop but can’t find water beefalo? Go attack a monkey — his buddies will show up and fling manure at you at for free!

 Monkeys Flinging Manure

Those are all the basics you need to know to survive your first trip to the Shipwrecked islands. Have any other survival strategies we should try out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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