DOOM Guide: All Rune Trials Locations and Info

Check this guide for the locations and info on all the Rune Trials in DOOM!

Check this guide for the locations and info on all the Rune Trials in DOOM!

DOOM has many collectibles and upgrades and challenges. Rune Trials are required to unlock the Runes for you to equip. Each one is located at a specific location, on a specific level, and have a challenge you must complete.

The Rune Trials all have a challenge that requires you to use a certain weapon. They can range from simply killing enemies, to reaching a point before time runs out. There could also be certain rules that restrict movement or health.

The header video shows me going to each location and the challenge required to unlock each Rune. I show them in the order they are listed in this guide. Each level listed has 2 Rune Trials you can complete.

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This guide goes over everything you need to know about Rune Trials in DOOM including:

  • Rune Trial Locations – Each trial sorted by the levels you find them on.
  • Rune Trial Challenges – The challenges you must complete to beat each trial and unlock the Runes.

Argent Facility



It is hard to miss this one.

  • Go through the beginning of the level like normal and when you get to a round platform where you must jump to the other side, you’ll see it on the right after you jump across.
  • Kill 15 enemies with the Combat Shotgun before time runs out.

Dazed and Confused

  • Reach level 3 of the facility, then go into room B.
  • Go to the corner where there is orange equipment and you’ll see a number 1 on the wall. 
  • Hope up the ledge to the right of that to find the Dazed and Confused Trial
  • Destroy 30 barrels with the pistol before time expires.

Argent Energy Tower

Ammo Boost

DOOM Ammo Boost rune trial

  • You’ll see this one as soon as you enter the building at the beginning of the level, but you can’t reach it yet. Keep going until you get the upgrade to Double Jump.
  • Go back towards the entrance, double jump up the ledge, then turn to your right so double jump to another ledge.
  • Turn to your left when you make it up, then drop down into the area with the Rune Trial.
  • Eliminate 30 enemies with the Super Shotgun before time expires.

Equipment Power

This one is late in the level.

  • Keep going through until you’ve scaled the tower and made it past the platform that shoot red lightning down.
  • Follow the path until you reach inside tunnels with moving platforms that remind me of trains.
  • After you hop up past the tunnel, immediately turn left and follow the narrow walkway until you see the platform with the Rune Trial.
  • Eliminate 10 enemies with exploding barrel damage before time runs out while armed with the Combat Shotgun.

Kadingir Sanctum

Seek and Destroy

This one is late in the level.

  • Keep going through until you’ve gotten the Blue Skull and made it past the open area with the flying skull enemies.
  • There is a chamber with a platform and chains attached to it. In this room you have to fight a wave of enemies. 
  • On the far side is an opening that leads through a tunnel to the Rune Trial.
  • Armed with the Assault Rifle, perform 3 Death from Above Glory Kills on Hell Knights.
    • I suggest using the weapon mod they give you to charge up 3 explosive shots, then hit the Hell Knight with them.


  • Go through the level until you get the blue skull.
  • Once you get back to the area where you can use the blue skull, instead go to the back of the room an up the small set of stairs. 
  • Jump on the small platform, then across and jump up 2 ledges.
  • Go follow the path to the rune trial.
  • If you come to this area early, there’s a gate there, but it will open once you come back with the blue skull and kill the wave of enemies
  • Reach the altar before time expires. Kill Imps with the Super Shotgun to increase time.
    • You don’t have to kill all the imps, just enough for you to make it to the end.

Argent Facility (Destroyed)

In-flight Mobility

  • Keep going until you activate the first computer, then follow the objective to your first wave of enemies to fight.
  • You will see the trial below you across the way, head to the right side and jump down. 
  • Fight the enemies, then keep going towards the left and you’ll reach the trial.
  • Armed with the Super Shotgun, collect all 15 relics before time expires.
    • I suggest jumping diagonally forward towards the relics so save time.

Armored Offensive

This one is late in the level, even though you see it early on.

  • Keep going through until you reach the room with the electrified floor.
  • After getting through and outside, turn left and follow the path until you can jump down. 
  • After jumping down, follow the path around until you see the trial.
  • Armed with the Combat Shotgun, kill all targets. Health is critical, use armor to survive.

Advanced Research Complex

Blood Fueled 

DOOM Blood Fueled rune

  • Keep going through until you reach the blue force field.
  • After getting rid of the force field, head through the door to the left of it, before you jump across
  • Inside the airlock is the rune trial.
  • Armed with the Heavy Assault Rifle, kill all targets before time expires. You can only move for 3 seconds after getting a kill.

Intimacy is Best

  • Keep going through until you get the BFG.
  • In the next room you must interact with a computer screen. Instead of going straight, head to the right through a green-lit door
  • Once inside, head left through a small corridor to reach the trial.
  • Use the pistol to weaken and then Glory Kill 8 Imps.
    • I suggest using the weapon mod to charge up a shot, but only let it charge a little or you’ll instantly kill the enemy.
    • Charging it a little less than halfway will make them vulnerable for a Glory Kill every time.

Lazarus Labs

Rich Get Richer

  • Keep going through until you find the Field Drone. 
  • Hop up the ledge and follow the path through the doors until you see a closed door on the left, not the one you see after initially jumping up.
  • Armed with the Rocket Launcher, kill all targets before time expires. You only have resources you can find, enemies don’t drop any.

Saving Throw

  • Keep going through until you shut down the portal.
  • Head through one of the door behind the console, then turn right once you enter the next open room.
  • When you reach the end, there will be a small opening you can jump to that leads to the trial.
  • Use the Gauss Cannon to kill all enemies before time runs out. You can’t get hit once or you die.
    • I suggest using the weapon mod to charge up a shot for the bigger enemies, but make sure you are in a safe spot when you do it.
    • There will be a slightly invisible big enemy later in the challenge.

That’s all of the DOOM Rune Trials Locations and info on them. Let me know if you have any questions or need me to clarify anything.

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