Nightmare at Noon will be available on August 3rd or at Gencon. Check here to see what's inside!

Doomtown: Nightmare At Noon spoilers and card analysis

Nightmare at Noon will be available on August 3rd or at Gencon. Check here to see what's inside!
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Nightmare at Noon

The sixth saddlebag expansion for Doomtown: Reloaded hits stores August 3rd. If you're lucky enough to be at Gencon, you'll have an opportunity to buy it a few days early. There might even be a few other unrevealed surprises at Gencon as well!

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Warren Graves

Warren Graves is part of the pair that runs Shane and Graves Security. While Morgan Cattle Company already had one strong shooter at the Jack value, we haven't seen much in the way of more Jacks since then. Warren gives you the opportunity to save a dude in a shootout and bring him in instead.

If a shootout play like Pistol Whip knocks your dude out of the fight, Warren can come running in. This is great protection against a large number of effects in the game. He could even protect you from an Asyncoil Gun failure, making experimental gadgets easier to use. With Jarrett Blake, there will be plenty of ways to sneak into combat after the start.

Nathan Shane

Nathan sits at the fantastic horse related value of 7. He's relatively cheap and can give you an opportunity to discard a shootout action such as Sun In Yer Eyes before it gets played on your main shooter. The more bullets you can give Nathan, the better he gets. With a little help from Cookin' Up Trouble, you might be able to rid yourself of a powerful shootout action and a Cheatin' resolution.


Stoker's Sabre

The Confederacy still exists in the Doomtown story and many of their artifacts hold significant power. Stoker's Sabre is a melee weapon designed for Hucksters. During a shootout, you can boot the Sabre to unboot a spell and use it again in the same turn. This normally means you'll have an opportunity to use a Soul Blast twice in one fight. If you think you might survive the fight, you could unboot a Paralysis Mark instead hoping to use it again when you get back to the noon phase.

Sister Mary Gideon

Sister Mary is another blessed with a particular skill reminiscent of a movie about gunslingers and dark rooms. She doesn't start off with impressive bullets, but she gets a +1 bonus for each opposing dude in the opposing posse. Just like Wylie Jenks, your opponent will have to consider the ramifications of sending several dudes against the sister. The more dudes they add, the more powerful her Shotgun or Legendary Holster becomes.

She's not a deputy, but Faster on the Draw could help keep her bullets higher in a fight. A Peacemaker could make sure she won't lose those precious bullets or stud while she's fighting alone.


Lula's Exploit

Lula's Exploit fills the 8 slot many players have been begging for. It's an out of town deed, so it is less likely to be tampered with during the game and doesn't have a Control Point that your opponent might want to take. It costs 4 and gives you a production of 2 each turn. In a way, it could be worth 4 production to you each turn if you're playing gadgets. You can fuel a Flame-Thrower or Mechanical Horse with this deed and it fills back up at the start of each turn!

Even if you don't plan on using gadgets, William Specks can help you get this deed into play for much cheaper and make it as functional as Jackson's Strike.

Dog's Duster

Dog's Duster is a new opportunity to call out dudes even when they are hiding at home. The duster even goes so far as to protect your dude from gaining bounty when they join a posse at a private location as long as they are a Deputy. This will allow you to run that Ol' Fashioned Hangin' without worrying about adding bounty to your own dudes. Ambush might even come into play because you won't add bounty going after a wanted dude and you won't add bounty at a private location.

On top of all that, you will get a +1 influence bonus while the dude carrying the duster isn't wanted. If he somehow becomes wanted, you could use B&B Attorneys to drop the bounty or pass the duster off to another dude.

Soul Cage

The Soul Cage is stiff competition for the usual Blood Curse at the Queens value. It provides an ability that is more likely to come up in a shooting based Fourth Ring deck, bringing back those abominations from discard or boot hill.

If your opponent cheats in lowball (even with a two pair) you'll be able to bring back The Brute to soak more casualties. Don't forget, if you use the cage during lowball, you'll need to pay upkeep on the dude you just brought in. You could still use it to bring the dude back from boot hill and then not pay their upkeep so they are in your discard pile instead.

If they cheat during a shootout, all sorts of interesting plays come up. With a Cheatin' hand rank of 5 (normally safe because it's a Straight) you can bring Eve Henry into play. Eve is a perfect target for Point Blank or Takin' Ya With Me since she has some of the highest stud bullets in the game. The Ghostly Gun will create plenty of interesting interactions here since you could use the cage to bring him into the posse and then use his resolution ability to change your hand. Going from a 3 of a kind to a 4 of a kind is worth 4 hand ranks!

You can always just bring The Brute back to soak more casualties.

For Such A Time As This

This is a spell that starts a Town Square Job. Remember the dude that casts the spell has to be the leader. If you win the job, you'll be able to search your deck and discard to put a dude with grit less than the spells skill check into play at -4 cost and +1 influence.

The skill check is the value of the pull plus the skill on the dude. If you have a high skilled blessed (through use of St. Anthony's or the Research Institute) you'll have the opportunity to grab some high grit dudes and put them into play. Even valuable dudes like Judge Harry Exp. can come into play with a pull of a Queen or more.


See it at Gencon!

Since this pack will be ahead of its normal release at Gencon, don't be surprised to see most of the cards spoiled before August 3rd. If we're lucky, we might even see more cards past Nightmare at Noon soon enough.

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