Doomtown Reloaded: Faith & Fear Spoilers, Part 2

This week of spoilers has been dubbed "Week of the Law" and it starts off with our first view of miracles.

This week has been dubbed “Week of the Law.” The first preview is also the first look at Miracles, so we have a mind that the Law Dogs will be the first to support the Blessed newcomers.

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The Arsenal (from Gamorra Gazette)

The Law Dogs get their new Outfit previewed as The Arsenal. This Outfit is intended to bolster the growing gadget sub-theme with the Law Dogs and to support the upcoming blessed or hucksters or even shamans when the day comes.

This becomes the first repeatable Outfit ability. You can boot a Gadget or spell attached to one of your dudes to call out an unbooted or wanted dude at your location. At first this doesn’t seem like much, but you can call out a dude at their home with this ability. You will also be able to call out a dude even when your dude is booted. Go ahead, boot your dude to run across town and then boot a gadget or spell on him to start a fight.

Your opponent can still refuse if they are unbooted. That’s fine if they are wanted, let them run home and then use this ability again to call them out at their home instead. If you don’t want to deal with that logistical nightmare, you’ll want to start packing that Tin Star that didn’t seem so useful early on. The downside is that you won’t have the easy bounty building that came with the original Law Dogs Outfit. You’ll need to use card effects like The Evidence, or clever use of fighting over your own private deeds. Clever timing with Establishin’ Who’s In Charge might convince your opponent to come over and earn a few bounties you can take advantage of later.

Faster on the Draw (from Strange Assembly)

Faster on the Draw provides a new powerful shootout action. It gives a flat +1 Bullet bonus and also drops an opposing dude by 2 bullets. If your dude is a Deputy, they also become a stud.

This action lets you partially recover from Sun In Yer Eyes or Unprepared. It will turn several of the draw deputies into a stud, similar to The Stakes Just Rose. Even Rafi Hamid becomes intimidating with the chance of becoming a stud in the middle of a fight. With the bullet modifications, it could also set up a great use of the new action, Swinford Finds Trouble.

Zoe Halbrook (snapped at GAMA)

Zoe is one of the cheapest dudes at the Jack value. She is another Mad Scientist for the Law Dogs. She is only able to build Weapon Gadgets like the Holy Wheel Gun or Flame-thrower. She does get a hefty bonus to her Mad Science skill, however. Each Deputy that shares the same location as she gives her a plus one to her science skill. With a reliable number of Deputies nearby, she could easily build a Holy Wheel Gun in a low-value deck. For only four Ghost Rock, she also gives you a solid 2 influence dude for cheap.

Lay On Hands (from Alderac)

Lay on Hands is a powerful miracle that will help with those battlefield casualties. It forces a difficult choice because it won’t pass its own check. It rewards you for the risk. From the same or adjacent location, a Blessed carrying this spell can save a dude from being discarded as a casualty or from being aced.

An additional side effect of the spell is that the saved dude will not unboot during the upcoming Sundown. Fortunately, there are ways to remedy the situation. A Pharmacy has always been the go to choice for unbooting a dude. The good Reverend Inbody can also fix a booted dude.

Reverend Perry Inbody (from Team Covenant)

The Reverend Inbody will likely be one of the cheapest Blessed around at only three Ghost Rock and zero upkeep. He doesn’t have any bullets or influence, but he has an incredible support ability that will be useful even if you aren’t running a Blessed deck.

As a noon action, he can boot to make a pull against a target of 9. Thanks to his skill of 2, you will only need a 7 to pass the pull. If you pass, he unboots and also unboots a Law Dog at the same or adjacent location. If you plan on running the original Law Dog outfit, he can be used to stand the dude you booted for the outfit ability.

If you plan on running Blessed, Inbody will be a perfect supporter with Lay On Hands (above) to keep your dudes safe. Add in a Good Stiff Drink for the Father every once in a while and he could be saving several dudes in one turn while your opponent tries to figure out how to kill your dudes. If you’re worried about the Reverend getting hurt, perhaps you can protect him with Holy Roller (below).

Holy Roller (from Run4Games)

Holy Roller is an old miracle that has gotten a facelift for Reloaded. The spell template also has a facelift that makes it easily distinguishable from the Hexes in the game. Holy Roller gives the caster a small bullet bonus and gives protection from casualties if the round is lost by two ranks or less.

The casualty protection is worded that the caster will only be protected for the one round of the shootout. This means you will want to cast it at the right time. The first round of the shootout is usually the most violent, so that will likely be the round you want to use it.

If one of your Blessed is lucky enough, you might be able to use a new copy of Holy Roller each round to protect yourself for several rounds.

Come back for more

Check out part 1 for circus and huckster spoilers. Be sure to keep coming back for more Blessed and Law Dogs spoilers this week. The Week of the Outlaw starts in part 3.

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