Doomtown: The Dudes Of The Fourth Ring, Part 1

I explore the Hucksters of Fourth Ring in Part one of the Dudes of the Fourth Ring.
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

The Fourth Ring relies on Hucksters and the dudes that support them. This article will focus on the Hucksters that bring all the flavor to the Fourth Ring and Part 2 will show you all of the support that Fourth Ring can bring along.

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Micah Ryse

Micah is the lowest value of Huckster available to Fourth Ring making him susceptible to Shotguns and Soul Blasts. The low value also makes him the easiest in-faction character to save with Arnold McCadish. His natural Stud makes him a good option for bullet bonuses from guns or actions. His Huckster Skill of zero means he won’t add any bonus to spell pulls, but most spells don’t need an incredibly high number.

If you have a Hex you know you won’t be using for a turn, Micah can use that spell to move to another location. Micah is a good way to bait your opponent into defending a location and then using his ability to boot him away from the location, leaving your opponent stuck there.


Mongwau The Mighty

Mongwau looks like a lousy Huckster at first, but his ability can really make him shine. He gets a +1 to his spell pulls thanks to his skill rating. His ability to throw away a Hex and make him a stud can be used after the Hex itself has been used. Use a Blood Curse to drop your opponents bullet rating, then discard the Blood Curse to turn Mongwau into a Stud.

A 3-Draw shooter isn’t impressive, but a 3-Stud shooter is something to be feared and compares with the likes of Steven Wiles and Lane Healey.


Avie Cline

Avie is cheap as far as Hucksters go, but she has a costly upkeep. In a faction that has to seriously consider upkeep costs, her 2 upkeep is a deterrent in a starting posse. She is currently the only character with the Harrowed keyword. This keyword, essentially lets her take one more casualty in shootouts than your normal dude.

For Avie, soaking up one casualty sends her home booted, two sends her to the discard pile, and three actually aces her and sends her to Boot Hill. Combine this with Arnold McCadish and she can soak up two casualties in a fight and you still have all your dudes at the end of the fight. Her Huckster ability is just an added bonus to how useful Harrowed is.

Jia Mein

Jia has a decent Draw and influence stat. Her greatest strength is the Shootout ability to attach a Hex in the middle of a fight. Due to the current interpretation of the rules, you must also have control of the location to be able to attach the Hex during a shootout. This means you can not use her ability in Town Square, either, because Town Square can’t be controlled.

The 7 initial cost makes her a hard choice to start in a posse, but the 1 upkeep is pretty easy to deal with and the Queen rank makes her suitable to be mixed into your deck when playing Fourth Ring.

Ivor Hawley

Ivor is the leader of the Fourth Ring. His stats across the board are moderate for a dude with a King value, but his trait boosts each of his major stats by 1 when he has an attached Hex. He becomes a 2-Stud with 4 Influence and he will have a Huckster skill of 3. The 3 Huckster skill can make Bobo a terrifying 4-Stud.

Since Ivor is an Abomination, he can be pulled out of Boot Hill with a Raising Hell. Out of the King value characters, Ivor has one of the least interesting abilities, but he can also use Soul Blast to hit characters with 16 Grit and Ace characters with 10 or less Grit. Add a Morgan Research Institute to bring Ivor up to a Huckster skill of 5 and then Bobo will be a 6-Stud!


Don’t forget to check out the support characters in The Fourth Ring that really make these Hucksters shine!

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