Doomtown: The Other Guys, Part 1

The drifters in Gomorra will work for anyone, if you're willing to pay the price. They can bring skills, such as Mad Science to factions that don't have it on their own.

The drifters in Gomorra will work for anyone, if you're willing to pay the price. They can bring skills, such as Mad Science to factions that don't have it on their own.

The remaining dudes in the Doomtown: Reloaded Core Set are called drifters. They don’t swear allegiance to any one faction and can even show up in starting posses. Drifters are best used to fill gaps in factions or bring in new skills that most factions don’t have access to. Do you want to build a Mechanical Horse and cast spells in the Fourth Ring? You’ll need a drifter for that. The drifters are a mix of skills and abilities with no real tendencies, so here are the first five.

Androcles Brocklehurst

Androcles is an excellent dude for making money and discouraging your opponent from needlessly coming to your side of town.

He is cheap enough to put in a starting posse with 2 influence to keep you in the game. If your deck has plenty of deeds, you’ll be able to get use out of Androcles. His ability lets him earn Ghost Rock equal to the influence of one dude sitting at your deed. If you’re able to trigger this ability nearly every turn, Androcles will more than make up for his 1 upkeep cost.

He won’t be your first choice for a shooter, but the extra income he can earn for you should be able to pay for some real gunfighters. If you are playing Undertaker or General Store, your opponent might be tempted to come to your side of the street more often. If you’re playing the Telegraph Office, you might get the opportunity to make money twice off of the same dude’s influence!

Clementine Lepp

Clementine is Gomorra’s bartender. She isn’t a great shooter or that good on influence, but she has a few abilities that keep her in consideration. She only costs 3 Ghost Rock with no upkeep. That makes her easy to add to a starting posse if your influence needs a boost.

She gets better if you’re playing with any of the games saloons. While she is at a saloon, she gets an extra influence and can not be called out. In Doomtown, when a card says you can’t it overrides any cards that say you can. Clementine can’t even be called out by the likes of Sanford Taylor or Clyde Owens. Her 2 influence while she is at a saloon will help keep your deed under control and require a greater committment from your opponent to take control of that saloon.

Clint Ramsey

Clint is one of the few drifters who only does one thing for you. He shoots. His cost fits right in with most skilled shooters in the game. Some factions like the Fourth Ring can struggle to get a dependable stud on the table.

Clint is cheap enough to be played in a starting posse or later on in the game. Most of the other dudes that have the Jack of Spades value also share similar combat stats. It’s better to have two different options in your deck when dudes can be aced for good.

Dr. Dawn Edwards

Dawn is the only way in the core set to bring the Mad Science skill to any faction. She can also be used to bolster the Mad Science already available in the Morgan Cattle Company.

She doesn’t stop there. Dawn has a bit of a Dr. Jekyll vibe. If she is discarded as a casualty you can go get Eve Henry from your deck and bring her in to play at the same location. This won’t put Eve in the fight, but it will give you a 3-stud to use later or sneak in to the fight with actions.

The scariest part of it all, is that Eve has the same ability to bring Dr. Edwards into play. If you’re careful when taking casualties, you might be able to perpetuate this pair throughout the entire game. Raising Hell can also bring Eve back into the game even if she is aced.

Eve Henry

Eve Henry is Dr. Edwards Mr. Hyde. The scary side of Dr. Edwards gets much better in combat and only loses 1 point of influence. Her upkeep also goes up by 1.

It gives you the opportunity to start with a strong shooter that you can throw in combat without a care. If she is aced, you can get her back with Raising Hell. If she is discarded, you can go get Dr. Dawn Edwards and actually improve your influence after losing a shootout. 

Part 2

The remaining Drifters still include two 3-stud shooters, a huckster and the only mulligan in the game.

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