Doomtown: The Other Guys, Part 2

The drifters in Doomtown bring a few abilities you just can't get anywhere else in the game.

The drifters in Doomtown bring a few abilities you just can't get anywhere else in the game.
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In this second half of “The Other Guys,” there are a few more drifters than just those introduced in Part 1. available to players in Doomtown: Reloaded and they help each faction bring in skilled shooters, scientists, hucksters and more.

Olivia Jenks

Olivia is incredibly cheap for her 2-draw and 2 influence rating. She does have 1 upkeep to offset the low cost. With the right equipment, she can easily be converted into a good shooter. Her influence is enough for any posse to consider starting.

She makes an excellent option to mix into your deck as well to provide you with a mid-game influence boost. Her biggest weakness is her low value, making her a target for cards such as Paralysis Mark or Shotgun. Olivia is a fine example of a card having no game text, but still being useful and balanced for the game.

Ramiro Mendoza

Ramiro is one of the two 3-stud shooters available from the drifters. He gives you the great shootout skill at the cost of having little influence and you have to pay him for every fight he gets into. It’s unlikely you’ll pay more than 1 Ghost Rock to this trait every turn, but a clever opponent could make sure you can’t afford him before getting into a fight.

His low value will make him an easy target, but his 3-stud should scare away needless fights.

Steele Archer

Steele is a huckster that any faction can access and he is skilled in his craft with a skill rating of two. A deck using Shadow Walk could include fives and still succeed on the spell pull with Archer. While Steele doesn’t have the abilities that The Fourth Ring has to gain extra benefits from spells, he has the raw ability to make sure more of your spells succeed.

He can make an excellent addition to Fourth Ring decks or Sloane looking for that second Huckster. His uncanny resemblance to a certain actor is probably just a spell.

Steven Wiles

Steven is one of those cards you will find in nearly every deck. Fourth Ring players will risk losing a spell pull to have him, Morgan will give up a spot to their two Eight of Spades for him. He might be the most interesting man in Gomorra. Steven has high stats for his 1 Ghost Rock. You’ll have to pay for it during next turn’s upkeep, though. Steven can be used as a bully or a preventative measure.

First, Steven can bring 3-stud into the game to win that important shootout or scare away an opponent from starting a fight. Second, Wiles can be a cheap 3 influence to keep you in the game for an extra turn. It’s rare that a deck would be able to produce enough Ghost Rock to keep him in the game for an extended period of time with his six upkeep. He’s more likely to be useful played from hand for only one Ghost Rock. If you have multiples in hand, you might even be able to play him a second time in the same turn if he is discarded as a casualty.

Travis Moone

Travis is nearly as popular as Steven Wiles because he is one of a kind. There is no Mulligan rule in Doomtown: Reloaded, but you do get to take one dude with the Grifter keyword. Grifters get to take an action at the start of the game. Travis allows you to take a Mulligan. Right now he is the only Grifter in the game.

He also fits well into many decks because he is a 2-draw with no influence for only two Ghost Rock. He can be an extra casualty in a fight that you won’t care about losing because he can’t cost you the game with no influence.

Don’t Forget!

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