Dota Auto Chess Gods Strategy Guide: Mars and Zeus

Learn about the two new gods Mars and Zeus, their abilities, synergies, and combos with the help of this guide to Dota Auto Chess.

Learn about the two new gods Mars and Zeus, their abilities, synergies, and combos with the help of this guide to Dota Auto Chess.
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The custom Dota 2 map Dota Auto Chess has just received a new update, which added two new god chess pieces to the game’s roster: Mars and Zeus. Mars has been added in the original Dota 2 recently, but his playstyle in the Auto Chess map is something else.

Since most players have gotten familiar with Mars, you will see him during your match-ups a lot more often. But don’t underestimate Zeus, as this god has a few neat tricks under his sleeve as well.

If you want to know how to play both of these chess pieces well, then follow our strategy guide for Dota Auto Chess below.

Mars Strategy Guide

Mars Abilities

Mars has two main abilities that cost no mana: Overwhelming Superiority, which is a common race ability for all gods, and Fortified Armor, a Warrior class ability.

His class ability means that Mars synergizes well with other Warrior chess pieces. However, you must remember that if you want his race ability to work, which reduces cooldowns by 50%, you cannot use more than one piece of the same race on the board.

Here is the complete breakdown of his Overwhelming Superiority ability:

  • 1x God: All allies cooldown gets reduced by 50%
  • 2x God: All allies cooldown gets reduced by 75%
Mars Synergies

Mars is a support piece that doesn’t really deal any damage except his auto shield attack that hits all enemies in close range every 8s, or every 4s if you count his 50% cooldown reduction.

Here are the best chess pieces that synergize with Mars:

  • Omniknight: Knights in general are very strong tanks, and with the help of Overwhelming Superiority they become even stronger
  • Axe: Being a Warrior himself, he gets double bonus from Mars, and since he has his own cooldown ability, it makes him a super efficient companion
  • Kunkka: Another Warrior piece that controls the board using his Silence ability will benefit greatly from the god’s cooldown
  • Templar Assassin: An invincible DPS piece that with the help of Mars can use Refraction every 3s, which is extremely efficient

Zeus Strategy Guide

Zeus Abilities

In addition to the god’s Overwhelming Superiority and Mage’s Magic Vulnerability abilities, Zeus also possesses a third unique set of abilities called Thundergod’s Wrath.

It allows Zeus to blast all enemies with lightning wherever they may be on the board. But there is only a 50% chance of it hitting the target, so the damage in this case is not guaranteed.

Here is the complete breakdown of his Thundergod’s Wrath ability:

  • Damage: 300/400/500
  • Damage Chance: 20%/30%/40%
  • Courier Damage Chance: 10%/15%/20%
  • Cooldown: 15/12/9

The Courier damage can play an especially important role in the late game, so combining Zeus with a few other Mages would be a great strategy for a truly colossal amount of damage.

Zeus Synergies

Mage pieces are definitely the best choices for Zeus, as his cooldown and damage abilities can really push things forward. But there are a few solid Mechs and Warlocks that will work great with this god, too.

Here are some of the best chess pieces that synergize with Zeus:

  • Tinker: This Mech needs to be buffed to three stars, after which he will be able to launch rockets every second in case he has decent mana regeneration
  • Razor: One of the best Mages in the game will be able to cast his Plasma Field every 2.5s with the help of Zeus
  • Necrophos: A late-game Warlock that will heal all your companion pieces
  • Enigma: This specific Warlock is perfect against Knights, as he can just ignore their shields

Mars + Zeus Combo

Obviously, the best strategy would be to combine both gods at the same time and use them as support for Mages and Warriors.

Here is how this combo works in every step of the match-up:

  1. Play Tusk and buff to three stars
  2. Play Mars and buff to three stars
  3. Play Juggernaut and buff to two stars
  4. Play Tinker and buff to three stars
  5. Play Crystal Maiden and buff to two stars
  6. Play Razor and buff to three stars
  7. Play Treant protector and buff to three stars
  8. Play Zeus and buff to two stars

Note: The following chess pieces must be excluded from the combo, otherwise the gods’ combo will not work:

  • Ogre Magi
  • Sniper
  • Gyrocopter

As a result you will have the following buffs applied to your chess pieces:

  • Warriors get +5 armor
  • Mages get 35% magic resistance reduction
  • Gods reduce cooldown by 75%

Try this cool new combo out, and be sure to come back soon for more Dota Auto Chess guides here at GameSkinny!

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