Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 21 Maijin Guide

An all-new character introduced with Dragon Ball FighterZ, Android 21 is a dastardly scientist filling the world with clones ... and turning enemies into cupcakes!

An all-new character introduced with Dragon Ball FighterZ, Android 21 is a dastardly scientist filling the world with clones ... and turning enemies into cupcakes!

More than 20 characters are up for grabs in the 3-vs-3 brawler Dragon Ball FighterZ, including an entirely new one created just for this game’s story line.

Only available to unlock after you conclude the story mode in full, Android 21 is a very different type of fighter, focused on mid-range domination but capable of absorbing enemy attacks for extreme versatility.

Below is a complete listing of the Android 21 move list, along with some tips for how to best utilize this new character in the frenzied Dragon Ball FighterZ matches.

Android 21 Combos

A unified combo scheme is utilized in Dragon Ball FighterZ, so all characters have the same basic controls to launch their special combo moves.

Try practicing Android 21’s combos in training mode so you can see how they function differently from the other characters and can be used to break enemy combos or push the opponent back.

While she isn’t your currently selected fighter, Android 21 can be called on for an assist that launches a smaller version of the Total Detonation Ball to hit an enemy at range while preparing for the next bout of melee attacks.

Special Move Combo
 Ground Stab  Down/Forward + Medium Attack
Hors d’Oeuvre Stab  Quarter Circle From Down to Back + Light / Medium / or Heavy Attack (available in air)
Connoisseur Cut   Quarter Circle From Down to Forward + Special Attack (available in air)
 Aerial Connoisseur Cut   Quarter Circle From Down to Back + Special Attack (available in air)
Total Detonation Ball 
 Quarter Circle From Down to Forward + Light / Medium / or Heavy Attack 


Hors d’Oeuvre Stab should be your go-to damage dealer, and when launched properly, it can even stop an opponent’s aerial combo dead in its tracks. The heavy attack version combined with a super dash in particular can be deadly.

Total Detonation Ball changes based on which type of attack you use for the combo. The medium attack version angles upwards so you can hit someone in the air, while the heavy attack version flies faster (but it also discharges your absorbed special move from Connoisseur Cut).

Connoisseur Cut and Aerial Connoisseur Cut are Android 21’s game-changing abilities, as successfully landing the attack allows her to absorb a special ability from the opponent. Launching the same Connoisseur Cut combo will then use the special attack instead, which will vary depending on which enemy you hit.

You can potentially hold up to four special absorbed moves, gained by using Connoisseur Cut or Aerial Connoisseur Cut either on the ground or in the air. In essence, this makes Android 21 a chameleon character that can launch an opponent’s attacks back at them, which drastically changes how Android 21 plays based on who you are fighting against.

 Yeah, you can cover the screen in fire with Android 21’s crazy move list!

Android 21 Supers

These super combos are only available when your bar has been fully charged by getting in hits or performing other special moves first. The first ability, Photon Wave, requires only one full bar, while the other two Android 21 super moves require three full bars to utilize, with one available on the ground and the other in the air.

Super / Level Combo Effect
Photon Wave / 1  Quarter Circle From Down to Forward + Any Two Attack Buttons Leap in air, energy beam fired onto ground
Sweet Tooth / 3 Quarter Circle From Down to Back + Any Two Attack Buttons Turn enemy into pastry, take a bite for recovered health
Excellent Full Course / 3  Quarter Circle From Down to Back + Any Two Attack Buttons (only available in air) Rush towards enemy, launch around screen, slam into ground, finishes with energy ball


Keep in mind that Photon Wave attacks in a diagonal line pattern from your current position to the edge of the screen, so if the enemy is directly beneath or slightly behind you, it won’t hit when you leap in the air. Since you teleport upwards to launch the attack, that super move is best used when the enemy is on the ground or it can actually miss.

Sweet Tooth does less damage than you might expect for a three bar super, but it’s also one of the only abilities in the entire game that allows a character to recover health, making it incredibly useful in close matches.

     Eating an opponent is an interesting way to win a match …

Have any other tips and tricks for winning a round with Android 21 that have worked well? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our complete Dragon Ball FighterZ character tier list and rankings here before you try out any other character combinations!

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